However, in order to comply with privacy regulations, I also need you to provide consent to store and process the information you've entered. Intonable Wrapover bridge - individual saddles can be adjusted for each strin, This article written by Gerry Hayes and first published at, Tagged: diy, how to, how-to, setup, intonation, guitar, prs, gibson, wrapover, maintenance, wraparound, diy-intonation. “Why?” you cry, “Why would you do such a thing?”. Sort by Latest Position Name Price Ever hear someone say: "I'll do anything else with my guitar but I won't touch the truss rod."? The wilkinson GTB has a adjustable compensated D and G string and a adjustable post set screws for much easier intonation. The problem, of course, comes when we consider intonation. It might take a few minutes to come through so, don't worry if it's not there immediately. Intonation on wrapover/stop-tailpiece bridge is accomplished by adjusting overall angl. The bridge is adjustable ‘overall’. I like to set the outside strings first. Get them correct first. Some wrapovers come with a moulded or carved ‘intonation line’. Brand: Wilkinson String Spacing: 10.4 mm This style of "wrap-over" guitar bridge/tailpiece combination has seen a resurgence of popularity in the last few years. However, individual string intonation left a little to be desired. Remember, always check intonation and tuning with the guitar in the playing position (i.e. Instead, you'll adjust the angle of the bridge to get things in the ballpark. Compare it to the open string—is it flat or sharp? Setting Intonation on a Wrapover or Stop-Tailpiece Bridge (Including PRS), You are signing up for my email newsletter so the understanding that you'll receive emails is pretty explicit. First up, let’s recap our intonation prerequisites. With one of these wrapovers, there’s nothing else. The rest of your setup must be right for you before you start. Essentially, the overall angle of the bridge can be changed and this can be used to approximate a good intonation. I don't do spam and you can unsubscribe at any time. Well, originally, because it was cheap. That’s it. And here’s the thing… They can sound great. Again, start with the outside strings and then check the others. Product Specifications. Not much to get in the way of tasty tone. It's not that scary. You can get wrapover bridges that have adjustable saddles built in. You should have fresh strings (of your usual gauge and brand) installed, properly stretched, and tuned up as normal. On a guitar, this isn’t really a recipe for perfect intonation. The basic theory is the same as any other guitar: Pick the open string and verify it’s in tune. By that, I mean that, on the bridge, behind where it mounts on each post, is a small ‘grub-screw’. For instance, if you adjust the bass-side screw clockwise, it pushes against the mounting post and moves that side of the bridge further back. 15/32" (12mm) stud insert diameter. Its appeal and sound quality lie in the simplicity of the original design. This will save lots of … Using the grub screws to get the bridge to a good angle will generally give a pretty good overall intonation. Wilkinson Bridges A selection of hard wearing, tone-filled bridge and vibratos, designed to enhance your performance - not hamper it. Download Truss Rods Made Easy for free. 2" (51mm) string spacing. Here's the fun part- These are beautifully crafted out of triple chrome plated FEATHERWEIGHT ALUMINUM- Why? A wraparound bridge is an integral bridge/tailpiece unit constructed traditionally from a metal bar drilled with six holes on the underside, into which the strings are loaded from the front before wrapping up and over the curved bar and heading off over the pickups and toward the neck. You see, good coupling between bridge and body is a big part of good guitar tone. Some guitars have a wrapover tailpice style bridge. Essentially, the overall angle of the bridge can be changed and this can be used to approximate a good intonation. If the 12th fret note is sharp, lengthen the string by moving the bridge back a little. Some of them can be taller than the regular tailpiece bridge which might cause problems getting a good action. A hand-drawn, illustrated guide to setting up your own Strat. The original renditions of these are solid, simple units, where the curved, slightly contoured bar acts as a single saddle piece … $29.00. From there, you can tweak the overall angle a little to ‘balance up’ the intonation so that no one string is too far out. Description. Wilkinson black wraparound combination tailpiece and bridge assembly. Measure the distance between the guitar body and the top surface of the bottom flange of each stud that holds your bridge. Wrap-Around Bridge Application Step 1: Before starting the installation, first measure the height of your existing wraparound bridge as installed. On your regular Strat bridge or tun-o-matic, we can individually set each string saddle to the optimal location for that string’s intonation. Check your inbox for an email for me—you'll need to confirm your subscription there. Setup FAQ: Setting up for Dropped Tunings. BRAND NEW and RED HOT. This gives you an advantage over the straight line of the simplest of these bridges. Intonation is the last thing to set so get your action, relief, nut and pickups sorted out first. Then check the middle strings and see how they seem.