"We obviously have not reached a place where institutions have made the sorts of reform systematically so that we aren't going to deal with this kind of abuse and these kinds of stories again and again," she says. But plenty of the reaction was good -- the necklaces sold out in minutes, and Ban.do customers started writing in to the brand's website and social media outlets to share their own stories and struggles with mental health. Courtesy of Fairmont Private Schools, Image credit: "The time to close those gaps is now. Some of the funding sources may include savings, lending institutions, and potential investors. Without them, people would not have access to many products they want and need. "So all of a sudden, there's this park in the middle of Oakland, and you see black people rock climbing," she says with a laugh. 100 Entrepreneurs provides a safe environment for recovering veterans and their family members and caregivers, while opening the doors to a world of opportunities for their futures. Who’s Missing? Within weeks, it announced a program to swap customers' original battery modules (which had to be removed with a screwdriver) with easily removable ones for free, allowing travelers to continue using their bags without hassle. Each goTenna acts as a node in a network. But it did work -- in large part because the change forced her to focus on fewer items. What is the difference between the men and women who start these companies and the 100 famous entrepreneurs listed above? While he's thrilled with the film's critical and commercial reception, he hopes audiences see beyond its absurd laughs. (And they have: Each store is profitable and has lifted regional web sales, too.) x https://t.co/Ugc5A85Ltq— Kelly Hoppen CBE (@kellyhoppen) September 26, 2019, Wow thank you very much! Medical industry conferences often have a "patient representative" sitting on panels, voicing the needs of the patient. https://t.co/NhLucqZZSC, Thanks guys #klout— Kate Robertson (@kateatoyw) May 22, 2016, Honoured to have made it onto this list amongst so many of my inspirations. Thank you @Richtopia https://t.co/6Zz112WSbr, Great idea based on social media influence https://t.co/Q59VnO0xMF— Penny Power OBE (@pennypower) January 22, 2016, Great idea based on social media influence https://t.co/Q59VnO0xMF, Wow!!! What an incredible honour and in such amazing company. Upset by the lack of recognition for women in crypto, Chin teamed up with CKR Law partner Alexandra Levin Kramer to put the spotlight on the hundreds of women already thriving in cryptocurrency and blockchain. https://t.co/3FYJC7tjjD, What a massive honour it is to be included on a list with so many of my inspirations. Shortly after going to press, one of the entrepreneurs included in our 50 Most Daring list was terminated by his company and sued for various alleged corporate misdeeds. Read more of their arguments here. And prior to launching permanent stores, Away tested a string of pop-up concepts, constantly tweaking the format and collecting every bit of feedback possible. Here’s what some leading British entrepreneurs said about this list: Thank you @Richtopia, and congratulations to my #TheApprentice winner @DrLeahTotton who is also on the list at no.22. They create jobs, products and wealth and teach us all that through determination, imagination and passion anything is possible. While the need for daily meals in Puerto Rico has diminished, a team from Andres' World Central Kitchen remains on the island to focus on long-term recovery, and Andres recently published a book about his experience, We Fed an Island: The True Story of Rebuilding Puerto Rico, One Meal at a Time. Whenever that moment comes, The RealReal will be waiting. "A strong secondary market really does support the primary market," says Wainwright. There are a lot of different types of business to choose from. We also hope to inspire existing entrepreneurs to lend their influence towards achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by 2030: Along with our index of influencers, our research and methodology for this year’s list has been shared publicly, which is accessible via Google Sheets. General Motors may be one of America's oldest carmakers, but these days it's been acting like a moonshot-taking startup. Tesla already did what he'd set out to do. "Minecraft players are already using the game to code and design public spaces," says Orrson. Donations have been in quantities as small as $5 or $10, she says, but every penny counts -- and makes a strong statement. This is just the start for the rebooted company, according to its CEO, Ginni Rometty, who told this year's IBM Think conference in Las Vegas that its latest transformation is in perfect sync with the data analytics revolution.