The acclaimed author of Gone Without a Trace delivers another twisting novel of psychological suspense in which a woman is backed against a wall--with nothing left to lose...The morning after real estate agent Gemma Brogan has dinner with a prospective client, she's furious at herself for drinking so much. The paranoia, the feeling that her life is spiraling out of control, will take her back to another night--years ago--that changed everything. When she becomes the target of an online stalker, the police, while sympathetic, offer no real assurance, since much of the threatening behavior is carried out via email and on social media. THE GIRL I USED TO BE is a fast paced psychological thriller that sucked me in right away. Gemma Brogan worked hard at … Once I started reading this book, I hated to have any interruptions. Gemma couldn’t sleep, concentrate or eat. I was completely caught up in the story. Gemma is now married to stay-at-home-dad Joe Brogan and owns her own real estate business in Chester, England. The Girl I Used To Be is a brilliant read, addicting, fast-paced, and unputdownable. Not that she was interested. Gemma was jealous of her husband and didn’t know what to do about it. Once I started reading this book, I hated to have any interruptions. So when he suggested dinner, Gemma readily agreed. In the prologue to this engrossing psychological thriller from British author Torjussen (Gone Without a Trace), optimistic, confident 18-year-old Gemma attends an end-of-school bash that starts with drinking and laughter but ends with Gemma being raped in the bedroom of a boy who has just been accepted at Oxford. today, this book of The Girl I Used to Be by April Henry is available. The Girl I Used to Be by April Henry. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. The Girl I Used To Be is a brilliant read, addicting, fast-paced, and unputdownable. She was in a constant state of anxiety. I was completely caught up in the story. Gemma was about to lose everything, and she didn’t know how to stop her world from crumbling.I was completely engrossed in this story. Usually, Gemma didn’t mind being the only one working long hours, but when she noticed that her son, sought out his father, not her, whenever he was sick, or tired; it stung. How she tracks down her tormentor, who has a link to that long-ago party, and confronts him as well as her own fears will keep readers turning the pages. Instead, she visited the lounge for a bit. What a talented author Mary Torjussen is! She's a successful real estate agent with her own firm, and supporting her stay-at-home hubby, Joe, and their young son, Rory. She wasn’t. Fourteen years later they found his jawbone. the girl i used to be by April Henry ‧ RELEASE DATE: May 3, 2016 Olivia’s father murdered her mother when Olivia was 3 and then vanished, throwing Olivia into a series of foster homes until she achieves early emancipation at age 17. Paula Hawkins fans will find a lot to like. Most of the book is told from main character Gemma Brogan's point of view. When David, a distinguished and handsome man stepped into Gemma’s real estate office, Gemma couldn’t help but notice him. Ariel now lives her life with the name Olivia, so she Gemma didn’t want to say anything to Joe because they had both agreed on the arrangement. Gemma is overworked and acutely aware of the quality time she's missing with her young son as a result of her long hours. This is the second book that I have read by this author, but it won’t be my last. Unable to confide in Joe given their shaky marriage, Gemma must face the escalating harassment on her own. The Girl I Used to Be is another thrilling murder-mystery that'll have you on the edge of your seat from the New York Times-bestselling author April Henry, the author of the Point Last Seen series, Girl, Stolen, and The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die. The Girl I Used To Be By: April Henry Summary Ariel was three when Ariel mom was stabbed to death and everyone assumed that Terry(her dad) did it and dropped off Ariel at a Walmart. The evening before her conference, Gemma planned to spend her hotel night, taking a relaxing bath, reading her kindle, and getting some much-needed sleep. Publication Date: May 2, 2017; Genres: Fiction, Mystery, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller, Young Adult 12+ Paperback: 256 pages; Publisher: Square Fish; ISBN-10: 125011523X; ISBN-13: 9781250115232 I was hooked and transported into the story from the very first page. Her husband, Joe, was a stay at home father for their three-year-old son, Rory. Flash forward 15 years to the present day. In fact, it was the beginning of a never-ending nightmare. But there will be more to regret than a nasty hangover.She starts receiving mementos from that night: A photo of a hallway kiss. What could an innocent dinner hurt? The problem is she doesn't remember any of it.As the blackmailing and menace ramp up, Gemma fears for her already shaky marriage. I loved it. Highly recommended.Thank you, Berkley Publishing and Edelweiss, for my advanced review copy. I loved every page. Now you can get access of full pages on the book.