To this add mustard seeds, hing (asafoetida), ¼ teaspoon turmeric powder, the cubed potatoes, stir cook for a couple of minutes. I was not lucky to meet her but as a sign of respect, I celebrate all the festivals / important days, use all her steel vessels for cooking and wear her podavais / sarees too during functions like a good DIL. By clicking 'Join' you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy. It adds a great aroma to the gravy. Bring 3 cups salted water to a simmer; add 1 1/2 cups basmati Thanks a ton for always encouraging and keeping me going with your lovely words of appreciation. Keralites (Palakkad Iyers and in fact my FIL’s family from Nagercoil) have a lot of Malayalam dialect while speaking Tamil. Glad you liked the post dear and thank you for the kind words. , Wow Shilpa, That recipe sure sounds nice and tempting!! Add green chillies, ginger, garlic and grind to a smooth paste. Definitely will taste great after the efforts. That too, we prefer ghee / nei over oil. PS: If you plan ahead and cook potatoes in advance, it gives you some more time to finish frying koftas while rice and gravy are getting done. Pour in the spinach-tomato paste. Once it reaches a boil, add the whisked curd and give it one good stir. Crispy paniyaram recipe | Gunta ponganalu recipe, Green peas masala recipe for chapathi south indian style, Turmeric Kara dosai recipe | fresh turmeric dosai, Mulaku chammanthi | red chilli chutney recipe, Ghee pongal | Ven pongal recipe restaurant style. lastly, add salt to taste and turmeric powder to the pan. I am drooling. thank you so much. Now add the ground paste, add additional water to adjust the consistency to desired level. The mixture should be a red color, Then add the cooked seasoned chicken, cooked smoked turkey and 1 cup of water to the pot and let it simmer on medium heat for 15-20 min. (the rice can be cooked on stove top too, but I cook in cooker to save some time). So, all I can say is I get to learn a couple of new things when I read your posts. This may need about 7 to 9 minutes. Pour this over the spinach gravy and serve immediately. Missed your presence on my posts and the group and glad to see you back. Born in a Traditional Palakkad Iyer (South Indian) Family with strong value systems to an exceptionally strong and independent Single Mom, spent most of my childhood studying well (as most Iyer girls do). « Fried onion masala recipe | onion masala for chapathi | simple masala Onion fry, How to start a Food blog – Series #2: Choosing a name for your food blog ». Spinach gravy is ready. While rice is getting cooked, heat oil in the pan and add cumin seeds, chopped onions. Deep fry or shallow fry them. Tastes fantastic and somehow manages to cover the bitterness too. Thank you smilez. If using cooker vessel, keep the potatoes in a separate vessel in the cooker. After using smilez dishez hot sauce I was able to achieve the level of spicy I wanted thank you so much will be buying more . I am going to try this when I have guests and also ample notice. Grate carrots, chop capsicum, onion and coriander leaves. Repeat with a rice layer, gravy layer, koftas. Sure looks very delicious! ur recipes r awesome!! Be very careful while serving. Spinach gravy is ready. For Point No. Also, Spinach has a good amount of water content, which helps us remain hydrated too during summers. Towards the end, where you write: “Serve Immediately.”, Yes, you need to take a nap after that meal! I have been feeding my little one spinach from his 8 months and now he loves spinach in any form. Saute and then quickly add the grated coconut, give it a quick stir and switch off the flame. Very heart touching write up. Best Best Arun. 2-3 cloves garlic is enough. Easy spinach gravy for rice | keerai curry/masiyal recipe south indian style with step by step photos and video recipe. In a pan pour little oil, add finely chopped onion, chopped green chillies, spinach, salt. A delicious gravy based dish, with an aromatic blend of spices, perfect to go with chapati/roti or even rice, when running low on vegetables as also otherwise :) - Batata Tomato Palak Rassa Bhaji - Potato Tomato Spinach Gravy For Chapati/Rice, a Maharashtrian dish. Please check captcha to confirm subscription. Add oil to a pan, add sliced onion and saute until golden. In a saucepan, bring the water to a boil then add the okra, spinach and salt. I totally recommend this hot sauce, Really love it.The cakes are so tasty❤❤❤❤❤, Just bought my 1st dish of Check Rice and gravy! For last few months, it was just – cook for the sake of filling the stomach. Heat a pan on a low flame, add the spinach puree, the gravy mixture of coconut and add some salt. If you are expecting guests, just wait until they arrive and then add the curd to the mixture, bring it to a single boil and switch off the flame and then add the tempering etc. I agree, kids and adults both would love this. Such an interesting and yummy share Vidya any green color dish is all time hit at my place. I am always curious about the coconut mix everyone uses. If you like & appreciate my work, please subscribe to the blog and receive the recipes via email. What a tempting affair! A healthy side dish and even kids will enjoy without any fuss for green vegetables. this was said in a popular tv show and am not sure of credibility of the above statement still I follow cooking spinach open from then. Mix everything together. Easy spinach gravy for rice | keerai masiyal recipe south Indian style, washed and cleaned/ arai keerai is used here, add all the ingredients along with spinach in a pan and add little water, cook till it is wilted, cool adn transfer to a blender, blend to a fine paste. Cook Time 45 mins. Then, let the mixture gets cooled.Grind the mixture. Usually, I’ve seen or heard that DIL doesn’t want to know about anything of their MIL, unless there is a treasure of gold or property saved for them. Yummy! It was a tough transition for her to make as my FIL’s side didn’t add much tamarind to their meals whereas my MIL loved her Rasams tangy and spicy. I do not use fenugreek in the ground masala, instead I add it to the tadka. How to make Soft and Puffed Puris / Pooris. In short – I want both my MIL and my Ma to know that they are both deeply missed by their kids. Just one question: how to add your blog into my RSS Reader, Thanks very much. Lovely presentation. Cheers! You can use that. It’s always a treat to read your blog posts, Vidya! Wait for another boil and immediately switch off the flame and prepare the tempering. add the tempering to the blended spinach puree and mix well. Mor Keerai (Spinach Greens in a Yoghurt and Coconut Sauce / Gravy). Great way to combine spinach and dahi, and remain cool in summer. Cook in pressure cooker till rice is done. So rice and potatoes get cooked at the same time. Also avoid heating this gravy too many times as it contains curd. I have never met that lady but can visualize her from the stories of what my husband shares with me about her. XOXO I will be showing you how to cook the classic Liberian Check Rice and Gravy! Add the spinach mixture gradually to the rice until the rice is a light green color. Lovely write up. Now, in a kadhai or vessel, add 2 cups of water to one bunch of roughly chopped spinach. Same story repeats – this time the other way around. We Keralites use a lot of coconut oil in our cooking, I still do, but the curries and stir fries are generally done in a veg oil and sesame oil is used for idlis and dosais and podis that are mixed with rice and eaten. Required fields are marked *. Cooling and healthy dish! Mix everything well and make small balls from the mixture. Then, let the mixture gets cooled.Grind the mixture. No need to add water since the spinach itself lets water out. No need to add water since the spinach itself lets water out. XOXO I will be showing you how to cook the classic Liberian Check Rice and Gravy! I would love to try this so bookmarking. The end product surely is drool-worthy! Sign up today for free and be the first to get notified on new updates. I always make it a practice to cook spinach 1 or 2 times a week. Thanks. My MIL gave tadkas or tempering in sesame oil but since I prefer Coconut oil, have used the same. Cool this completely and then transfer the contents to a mixer grinder jar, add few tblsps of water and grind into a smooth but thick paste. (the gravy … I used my appe pan for frying. The yoghurt / curd should not be very tangy. Its a very f... Soya granules and potato fry is a pure vegetarian dish.