Rating 1/5. Olive, Dun, Copyright 2016. Green, Tan, Current River Flow Updates. #14-18, Mayer's Tube Midge, #16-18, Lightning Bugs, #20-24, Thorax BWO, Black, Grey, #14-18, Mini Leeches, Here are some of our recommended patterns. #20-24, Hurricane Midge, If fishing the South Platte below Spinney, aka the Dream Stream, you will have a great flow of 243 cfs! When nymphing, use an attractor pattern such as a San Juan Worm or Flash Back PT up top and trail a Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail or a Purple Juju Baetis. With these higher flows, sight fishing becomes more challenging, but the river provides much more security and structure for the fish. Brown, Anglers will be most productive with double nymph rigs using florocarbon tippet in 5x and 6x. #18-22, I-Can-See-It Midges, #20-24, Rojo Midge, #14-18, Foam Caddis, Denver Water is trying to fill up Cheesman Reservoir. #12-16, Tung Zebra Midge, When it gets windy try nymphing PMDs, Caddis, and Trico emergers and stonefly patterns. #20-24, Barr's PMD Emerger, Fishing is best in the spring before runoff and in the fall starting around September and lasting through October. Purple, Zebra, Red, The Dream Stream has fished well recently, despite a drop in flows from two weeks ago. Also, scuds and stones are solid patterns to fish with the recent rise in water levels. The sporadic BWO or midge hatch has been seen later in the afternoon hours. The reservoirs have been open for about a month and they are fishing exceptional right now. Facebook #18-24, JuJu Baetis, Flows are holding fairly steady at 229 c.f.s., which is higher than normal for this time of year. #18-22, Bubbleback PMD, These fish are going to be spooky. #20-24, Caddis Larva, Black, Olive, The spawn run continues to bring more and more crowds, so be prepared to see packed parking lots and lots of anglers no matter what the day of the week. Zebra, Red, Now is the time to stock up on those Trico patterns. The water is clear, cold, and highly oxygenated. Orvis Endorsed Outfitter, Royal Gorge Anglers has been guiding on the South Platte for 30 Years, and offers the best fishing reports on the South Platte. These fish will spook easily this time of year. #20-22, Trico Spinner, Natural, Black, Surface activity has been plentiful on non-windy days - a caddis or hopper with a Trico spinner off the back has been very productive. #16-20, Amy's Ant, Streamers on the cloudy overcast or bad weather days during high water can be deadly. Black, While the fishing has certainly gotten more technical, there are still some big browns lurking in the deeper pools. #12-14, Graphic Caddis, #10-14, Barr's PMD Emerger, If you see a splash tight to the bank, try a hopper or caddis. Flowrate above Elevenmile Reservoir: 67.6 cfs. Olive, Tan, We are NOT seeing huge numbers of Browns running up at the time of this report. 59 above Spinney Reservoir with only limited access to restrooms and campgrounds. #14-18, Griffith Gnats, Redds are along the river, so please be sensitive to them and avoid fishing those areas. A guided fly fishing trip is a great way to improve your skills and watch you success rates increase!