Within your sound meter again, press “OK” to begin the calibration procedure. Why You Should Calibrate A Sound Level Meter. Turn the calibrator on and check the meter to see if an equal level or one that’s close to the external calibrator’s output level is showing. Figure 14. Figure 13. This will calibrate your sound level meter. The sound meter will notify whether it has passed or failed the calibration at this point. Taking your calibrator and putting it right over your microphone is very effective as well. Take the external calibrator and rotate it so that it faces the microphone of your sound level meter. See Figures 13 and 14 for illustrations of this process for dosimeters and sound level meters, respectively. If not, the accuracy of your measurements could be called into question. Castle Calibration provide professional sound meter calibration services, giving you fantastic and unrivalled value for your money. Then, you simply turn on your calibrator and let it works its magic. Our calibration engineers in our laboratory are greatly experienced in servicing and calibrating almost all types acoustic measuring equipment, including sound meters, noise meters, dosimeters and multi-purpose equipment. Sound level Calibration / Sound level meter calibration . As specialists in the calibration of Sound & Vibration Equipment, we are able to offer both UKAS (17025) and Traceable calibration on a wide variety of measurement instrumentation. Confirm that you understand the procedures for calibrating each of the instruments you use. If in doubt, review instructions in each instrument's user's manual and consult CTC if questions arise. Leave the calibrator on until the procedure has completed, normally between 5-20 seconds depending on the manufacturer and the model. If you’re measuring to any Standard, Regulations or Guidelines it is vital to calibrate your sound level meter. Noise Dosimeter Calibration . If passed, you’re good to go and perform your measurements. Sound Level Meter Calibration . Take your external calibrator and turn it towards the microphone on your unit. If this isn’t the case, it’s best to re-tune the whole device, but before resorting to that extreme, check to see if the device has a faulty battery.