Good riddance. You can't slip on a blouse or see just how those jeans fit while clicking around a website. You know what makes an absolute fortune these days? Oakley Home Access, located in Narragansett, specializes in installing equipment and customizing homes to help in fall prevention and accessibility. Innovative idea transforms trash into treasure, Aussies fall in love with a little flat bread, Online forum an info injection for doctors, Successful small biz drives into franchise fast lane, Dreamtime comes alive with Sydney performance troupe, Business booming for healthy kids’ snacks, Long coffee queues are a thing of the past, Inspiring indigenous leaders through business success, Dairy-free ice cream business scoops up award, Luxury accessories tell indigenous stories, Small business measures keep customers happy, Business struggles, no matter what size, are survivable, Fitness business transformation ensures it will all workout, Furniture makers build business on home office rush, Mobile bakery the best thing since sliced bread, Gold Coast manufacturer rides wave of support for Australian Made, Holiday spirit returns to BIG4 Easts Beach, Winery sees green shoots after bushfires leave them punch-drunk, Caring for country the beating heart of the business, Brekky business always ready for the unexpected guest, Indigenous IT services business a sign of strength, Nood Australia offers a helping hand in cleanliness. You probably won't be the next Ariana Huffington or PewDiePie, but there's a lot of room here to make a living. Unless you currently are a CPA or a JD there's not a whole lot of value in hanging your own shingle, and you can probably expect an unpleasant visit from the real thing if you do. The decision paid off as OHA’s current 2,500 square foot space in Narragansett meets its needs and avoided the purchase of a building that it would soon outgrow. (CMG) - Get Report . We scoured the web for business success stories fraught with eccentric leaders, personal struggles, and uncommon lifestyles to find out how these … Picture a Five Guys or a Chipotle After several sessions, the three were able to identify that, while OHA had seen hyper-growth in its first three years in business, and while that was positive, it made their future growth rate uncertain. A regular coffee shop can work. This isn't a field to enter without experience, but if you're a sharp, talented coder who can lay down a clean user interface against a sharp color scheme, it might be time to start seeing which local companies look like they still use Geocities. But their biggest victims are the large-footprint businesses like Sears In their place has opened up plenty of room for the small, highly-curated shop that provides an experience as well as a sale. What does a bar serve in the day? Just have some runway capital on hand. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to planning and launching your own business. Money for one. What, you think a business actually profits off someone camping on his laptop for five hours after paying $2 for a dark roast? © 2020 TheStreet, Inc. All rights reserved. You'll need more startup capital than most businesses because this requires lots of square footage, but if you're looking for a business that people need… Well, look no further. Some people look great in tailored shirts and yoga pants. OHA also contributes 5% of all member sales back to the local YMCA and participates in the mentorship program at New England Technical Institute of Technology’s Occupational Therapy Doctorate program. Whether renting lockers to individuals or bulk warehouse space to companies, secured storage is a booming business model nationwide. OHA began working with SBDC Southern Director, Josh Daly, examining its growth-to-date, real estate market, financial standings, and future plans. We strive to ensure that our clients can age in place while focusing on fall prevention and increased accessibility,” said Co-Owner, Justin Oakley.