The closing argument, however, is where the lawyers are truly presented the “stage” and the opportunity to do their best to compel the jury to rule in favor of their client’s position in the pending litigation. If you bore the jurors, they may miss the point of your closing argument. And we all thank you for your patience and your long suffering. Third, try to use the specific language of the law given to the jurors by the judge to your favor. In addition, since the prosecutor has the burden of proof, he or she is allowed to speak again after the defense counsel speaks. As you probably have already learned, the defense attorney delivers his or her closing argument after the prosecutor speaks. Here is the link. Now, Mr. Brannon we’re ready for the plaintiff’s closing argument. II. The idea is that you can look these over and it might spur some creativity on your part on what you need to do for your mock trial. Plaintiff closing arguments: THE COURT: So we ask for your attention to these closing arguments. Give them a chance to do so. And we’re all just very grateful for your participation. They are examples I have written based on various real-life cases I have done as a prosecuting attorney and criminal defense lawyer over the years. October 3, 2011 by mocktrialblahblahblah. It is your chance to be free from the rules that bound you during voir dire and the presentation of evidence. Mock Trial Closing Arguments for the Defense Attorney. Original Italian. Jurors correctly want to follow the law. How well the attorney does her or his job on closing argument may well be the deciding factor in the outcome of the verdict. ... A good plaintiff's attorney explains why the defense counsel has offered insufficient evidence. Original Italian. The mock trial defense lawyer … I have just posted some sample mock trial closing arguments for people to read. Below are sample closing arguments in personal injury cases. There are few rules that govern closing argument; accordingly, it should be fun to watch. Thank you again to everyone who is taking the time to look into this case. As a rule the defence will be trying to ask difficult questions, while the prosecution will be trying to provide irrefutable answers. There is of course an important difference between a closing speech for the defence and one for the prosecution. Different types of closing speech. 16 Dec 2013 – Closing arguments by civil attorneys E. Vieri Fabiani, Serena Perna, & Francesco Maresca for the Kercher family. Closing argument is supposed to be the climax of the case. And you’ve been here now four weeks. 17 Dec 2013 – Closing arguments by defense attorneys Luciano Ghirga & Carlo Dalla Vedova for Knox.