One of the key traits of effective session moderators is that they are there to facilitate the session, not to dominate it. Conferences can set guidelines but if the moderator doesn’t take their role seriously, then the session can become a big disappointment for all. The accepted models are then loaded onto communities on the IFoA’s website, to which delegates are given access one week before the seminar date. This is a senior appointment and applicants must be able to show interest in and understanding of the IFoA’s examination processes and procedures. How to use moderator in a sentence. Do they do more than just lob questions at the experts? Suitable for sponsors who want to reduce risks on their balance sheets. The moderator is put in a position of having been asked to do a favor for the conference and help moderate, but the non-responsive panelists see the moderator as some kind of “speaker cop” and ignore them, making the moderator look bad for what has to be, one of the most thankless jobs at a conference. Assuming 2 hours h… A true professional will probably never score under 7 out of 10, but will score 8 or even 9 on only a few aspects of moderation. Sometimes, you have a mixed format. During the panel, the moderator needs to be 100% alert and on track. If a really, really great point was made, the moderator can highlight it. Kudos for highlighting the moderator’s role in a successful conference. The best panels are where the moderator coordinated presentations and speaking times prior to the event (rather than giving the “You’re all old pros” speech you mentioned – funny!) Also as part of setting the stage, it can be helpful to explain to the audience how much time will be spent on the panelists’ presentations/interaction with the moderator, and how much time there will be for Q&A. A fine looking audience at PRSA International 2010. He will have to change his tone, pace and style, going with the flow of the meeting design. In some instances, the speakers never hear from the moderator until 10 min before the session begins. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. For those types of speakers, I bring an air horn. With all rights and opportunities come responsibilities and we ask all our volunteers to comply with the terms of the IFoA’s Governance Manual and Volunteer Information Pack (VIP). As a Moderator you will: Mutually agreed services will be outlined in a ‘Schedule of services’ which will be provided to you on successful appointment. There are the paid and media sponsors, exhibitors, delegates, speakers and moderators. And for trustees, it shifts the focus to providing greater certainty of returns, managing funding level volatility and ensuring they have enough income to pay cash-flow requirements. You put a great deal of effort in making your meeting brilliant; then why in general is no effort at all put into fine-tuning the moderation? The one-fits-all moderator does not exist. If the question is too detailed or complex, then the person asking can be invited to ask after the panel is over when there’s more time. Orderly Conduct. And maybe at the end of the process, you will have to remodel some details in your meeting design to fit in these boundaries. Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos ( loved the point when you said that there’s a big difference between showing up and being awesome cause that make sense for me and i agree with it as well as the restt !! My experience is that the moderator is asked to perform their role after the session topic and speakers have been selected. My experience is that the moderator is asked to perform their role after the session topic and speakers have been selected. Thanks for the post. 2. Depending on the time available for audience Q/A there might be  a need for an opening question to the panel and then a transition to the audience. So many of the skills that actuaries acquire during their working life translate across to the world of banking and yet banking is perceived as an alien environment to many actuaries. The moderator role is important and often times thankless. Took notes when? One particular role I’ve played besides speaking, being a media sponsor and serving on the advisory board is to be a session moderator. Volunteering provides you with a wide range of opportunities. I hope you are feeling better BTW . Banks have large amounts of data about their customers and about their risks. I’m starting to do more speaking gigs these days and always appreciate any advice I can get. Little damage to the neighbors. Shonali, you are another first class speaker and moderator (one of the few) – thank you for your insight. It’s cool that you were proactive about it . - the celebrity. Moderators shouldn’t steal from speakers. CERA seminars: at least four seminars are held in each calendar year, with the option for extra dates to be added if there is sufficient demand from members. Moderators should set the stage. Moderators get copied on an email to the speakers with all the details of the session and after that, what happens is anybody’s guess depending on the people involved. Multiple profiles can be sometimes found in one person: the internal candidate can also be an expert on the subject; a celebrity can well be a professional moderator at the same time. It doesn’t take long for a mod to prep for a session. Adolfo, Kevin and Rhian bring over 60 years of experience in the industry and a variety of perspectives as scheme actuary, covenant adviser, trustee, de-risking adviser and insurer. Panelists should be prepped on what the other speakers will cover, the sequence, what potential transition questions might be and a clear understanding of how long they have to present.