:( Weil ich bereits Level 54 bin und die Quest wohl absolut übersehen habe. Rhexenor the Hand Iobates the Stoic Podarkes the Cruel Kodros the Bull Group leader - Kleon the Everyman Brison Where to find him: Attika. But he wasn't a cultist. Rhexenor the Hand Delian League Cultist of Kosmos Rhexenor the Hand is one of the two cultists of the Delian League that you’ll unlock by simply following the main story missions. From the web, I can see many have same problem. I just tried finding him Rhexenor is my only remaining "minor" cultist. By finding and killing Rhexenor the hand, you’ll be rewarded with the Athenian War Hero Belt. Can ubi help. I've never able to find this cultist. I already way past this chapter and killed many of the cultists, just this little guy remains. I can’t kill him. Am Pc Kann mir jemand helfen? I'm done with this, don't want to waste more hours knowing I cannot finish all the story lines. I found it easier with stealth. I’ve searched all over Greater Athens and can’t find him. Rhexenor the hand Hello there, I noted that a previous post from someone was answered indicating there was no fix and no intention to fix this bug. Some random civilian always gets involved, a wolf joins in, and a couple of Athenian soldiers join in. Since an hour ago I found Rhexenor the Hand as a leader (spartan) and killed him. Wasted too many hours to finish outstanding quests, but still no way to come across this. I’ve also looked all It was supposed to be triggered while Perikles was alive -- but he has long been dead. Hallo :) ich bin gerade dabei die letzten Kultisten zu erledigen, kann Rhexenor die Hand aber nicht mehr vernichten. My only cultists left is Rhexenor the Hand, kleon, deimos and the main head cultist. Recommended level: 19. I heard that there is a quest that I need to do a side-quest to reveal him but it doesn’t show up for me. I can’t find the Rhexenor the Hand cultist anywhere. You’ll come across him in Chapter 8, during the Public Opinion part. I checked out a video of the "A-Musing Tale" and I never came across it. Lg Delian League Location #5 - Iobates the Stoic Iobates the Stoic can be found in the Ancient Stronghold near Sky Fall Lakes on the Hephaistos Islands. The bounty always means that two bounty hunters join the fight, as well as Rhexenor.