The answer to that is yes, and I would say that applies even to an organization whose merits I increasingly appreciate, the BIS. As I indicated, I think it is a little bit of both. MR. RAJAN: Well, I want to emphasize it is not just expertise. I don't think the United Nations has, because the big countries just don't accept it when they don't want to accept it, and their problem is very similar to that at the Fund. We will use the following order, so you’ll pop off your answer after the person listed above you: Let’s talk about leveraging resources and ideas. It was our problem, it was our crises, we didn't have the rules, but I think this time around we have the rules and regulations and supervision in most emerging markets. On Iceland, at least the screens I look at say that Iceland is turning to both the IMF and to Russia. 0:05    Moderator – Review Agenda/Process, 0:55    SEGMENT FOUR – Final Question to All Panelists, How to Moderate a Virtual Panel Discussion, How to Create GREAT Questions for Your Panelists to Answer during Your Panel Discussion, Panel Discussion Tip #185 with Jeffrey Hayzlett: Finishing Panel Discussions. A second set of questions is what should be the focus of the Fund in its regular work of overseeing the functioning of the international monetary system. Now, in accepting that, I think the question is how it operates. Recent experience seems to suggest, however, that the traditional balance of payments crises with which we associate Fund assistance, rooted in unsustainable exchange rates, may not be the main issue facing the global economy in the future. The committee's appointment was announced on September 4, 2008. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. We have learned a lot from you today. In respect to the issues that the first questioner raises, I think Raghu was being exceedingly diplomatic about this issue. They focused on liquidity when the problem was solvency. I think the Managing Director has hinted at something of this sort when he spoke of notions of playing a Secretariat role vis-à-vis these groupings. Let me start with the last-but-one questioner. 6. Talk Show Script (example of talk show dialogue), The whole doc is available only for registered users. The markets, after all, are the predominant determinants of exchange rates. Surely, the fact that Iceland is about to go bust and they turned to Russia, rather than turning to the IMF, is in itself a statement of how ineffective the IMF is. How do the organization's traditional activities need to be adapted to secure its continued relevance in a much changed world. In preparation, I worked with the meeting organizer to clarify the “starting conditions” and to talk through potential format ideas. It was an industrialized country move to keep the Fund in its place, that is, as an institution that the G7 would not have to listen to. While creating questions specifically for your panel is the very best way to make your discussion unique and engaging, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. Meeting Ade Johan. You'd have to have that if you were designing it afresh, and the present Fund does have a highly professional staff. Fourth, citizens must have access to all information on leisure and its opportunities. It assembles a very heterogeneous group of institutions and yet it has become the core group which actually drives the agenda. And, finally, a very general question, if governments were starting afresh in 2008, how would the international monetary institution they might design differ from the current IMF? What to Upload to SlideShare SlideShare. So that would be one question. For more resources on moderating panel discussions, visit Host: What are the duties of the WLO? IMF Members' Quotas and Voting Power, and Board of Governors, IMF Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, IMF Capacity Development Office in Thailand (CDOT), IMF Regional Office in Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic, Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP), Currency Composition of Official Foreign Exchange Reserves. Trevor Manuel has been South Africa's Finance Minister since 1996. MR. PISANI-FERRY: Yes, the question is very clear. I'll ask them to start with brief 5-minute statements. I think this is the crisis which will define the international financial architecture for many, many years to come. It would probably be an institution with far more financing. Want to add some juice to your work? What could you do? They were decisions with respect to exchange rates, decisions with respect to convertibility, decisions with respect to trade. Unique times call for unique solutions. This opportunity was missed. Hi there! We also work with others, such as United Nations and its Agencies, International, Regional and National Non-governmental Organizations and the Private Sector. Second, if there had already been an IMF, which was being radically redesigned, we would simply concentrate the changes that are now underway, and whose destination is perfectly clear-that the formerly dominant powers would become less dominant-we would concentrate those changes into a much shorter period.