653-Y92E-B30 Y92E-B30 D Mounting bracket for M30 sensors 4.96 4.69 4.38 OMRON E2E SERIES: STANDARD PROXIMITY SENSORS * Pre-wired cable length 5m ** IEC pin arrangement (polarity) Since then, Omron has sold more than 200 million proximity sensors… load to the Proximity Sensor through a Relay Complete “Terms and Conditions of Sale” for product purchase and use are on Omron’s website at www.omron247.com – under the “About Us” tab, in the … Proximity Sensors for Every Application Omron is a pioneer in proximity sensors with over 50 years of factory automation experience. • Direct mounted … Small-diameter Proximity Sensor E2E Ultra small size, but surprisingly easy installation! size, unshielded, pre-wired connector model, and connector model, a … Rectangular Standard Proximity Sensor TL-N/TL-Q A Wealth of Models for All Types of Applications • Easy installation, high-speed pulse generator, high-speed rotation control, and more. E49I-E-02 Proximity Sensors Omron Automation & Safety • Americas toll free: 800.556.6766 • Canada toll free: 866.986.6766 • www.omron247.com E2E Inductive Sensor • Omron’s fl agship highest quality proximity sensor … • With the addition of M4, 5.4-dia., 6.5-dia. In 1960, Omron developed the first solid state proximity switch in the world.