This applies to privately sold programs, program products offered for sale by vendors, and no-charge software provided by vendors. F. Proprietary Software. C. Accountability records shall be established and maintained for all Government-owned property which is in the custody of a contractor, grantee, or other non-Federal recipient in accordance with the terms of any legal instrument. Examples are oil, paint, fuel, and cleaning and preserving materials. B. E. Property Management. (d) All CE's perform an annual inventory, as well as an inventory prior to transfers within or separation from the USGS, and account for all items assigned to them. A-1. USAID contracts, except those for commercial items, must contain the following preface and reporting requirement as additions to the appropriate Government Property clause prescribed by (48 CFR) FAR 45.107, per a GAO audit recommendation. The Office of Procurement, Acquisition and Logistics, Strategic Acquisition Center (SAC) in partnership with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Program Executive Office (PEO) has established the Non-Expendable (NX) Equipment Program to improve support to Veterans healthcare needs by streamlining the Equipment Life Cycle Management (ELCM) process and oversees approximately $600 million annually in medical equipmen… D. The Regional Management Officers (RMO's) are responsible for carrying out the policies and procedures of the property management program in their respective regions. (2) The term Government property, wherever it appears in the following clause, shall mean Government-furnished property, Contractor acquired mobile IT equipment and non-expendable personal property title to which vests in the U.S. Government under this contract. This regulation emphasizes custodial accountability and responsibilities, and is applicable to all activities of USGS. following are types and classes of expendable property. A. 471, et seq. The. The CE to whom the equipment is assigned by the CPO has the primary and ultimate responsibility for its protection and proper use, as well as for other responsibilities described in 408.2.5E(4), above, and will be held financially liable for missing and damaged items when negligence is a factor, as determined by a board of survey. B. Non-expendable property with an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more which is charged to an asset account (general ledger control account) in the Office of Financial Management. B. This chapter prescribes policies, responsibilities, and procedures for the management of USGS personal property. NOTE: Non-expendable property costing $50 or more will be processed as accountable even if not in any of the categories specifically listed in APPENDIX A unless a formal and written request has been made through the Property Administrator (PA) and approved by the Property Management Officer (PMO). Reporting Requirements: The Contractor will submit an annual report on all Government property in a form and manner acceptable to USAID substantially as follows: [Name of Contractor as of (end of contract year), 20XX]. G. Sensitive Property. 1. Both Expendable Equipment and Non-Expendable Equipment as defined below shall also constitute Equipment. (b) Reporting Requirement: To be inserted following the text of the (48 CFR) FAR clause. Only permanent full-time or part-time employees shall be designated as Custodial Property Officers (CPO's). Non-Expendable Equipment means property which has continuing usefulness as a self contained unit, is not consumed in use, and does not lose its identity when put to use or does not ordinarily become a component of other equipment or plant. F. Liability. (4) The Cognizant Employees (CE's) are employees who use Government property on a day-to-day basis. This regulation emphasizes custodial accountability and responsibilities, and is applicable to all activities of USGS. The only items under $50 designated as sensitive, for accountability purposes within USGS, are firearms and proprietary software. Non-expendable property must be accounted for throughout its useful life. Purpose. Property of any value, including items under $50, which is considered accountable property by virtue of its high probability of misuse, or its susceptibility to pilferage, theft or misappropriation. (e) Accomplishing additional inventories as directed by the CPO. The USGS has classified firearms and proprietary software as sensitive to be controlled as accountable property regardless of cost. All mobile Information Technology (IT) equipment, including but not limited to, mobile phones (e.g. Are not consumed in the normal course of business. All non-expendable property having an acquisition cost of $50 or more and all sensitive items regardless of cost are considered accountable property and detailed records are maintained therefor in the USGS property management database. D. Personal Property. Geographic Names Information System (GNIS), Mapping, Remote Sensing, and Geospatial Data. Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949, as amended (40 U.S.C. Acquisition of New Asset eg: Non-expendable Equipment: cost, $9,000 Debit: Account 1400.4/1475.s - Land, $9,000 Structures, and Equipment and Subsidiary (a) Credit: Account 1111.1, Cash- General $9,000 Fund(b) - and - APPENDIX A is a listing of the non-expendable property items commonly used by the USGS indicating the classification of each group by a Federal Supply Code (FSC). NON-EXPENDABLE PROPERTY is durable (e.g., equipment and furniture), lasting for a year or longer, and generally has a high dollar value. Commonly, the title remains with the owner and its use is allowed with the stipulation that no disclosure of the program or software can be made to any other party without prior agreement between the owner and the user. Museum property is not capitalized. (1) Supplies consumed in the maintenance and upkeep of the public service. Any property, except records of the Federal Government and real property. his chapter prescribes policies, responsibilities, and procedures for the management of USGS personal property. 1 Non-expendable property and all mobile IT equipment. for on property books.