Negative Effects Of Cloud Seeding. 2. with silver iodide enhances precipitation without negative consequences. “One project supported by the programme has already filed a provisional patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a new application of nanotechnology to cloud seeding,” he says. It is present in soil and water deposits all over the world. It all depends on how we use them to bring out some real improvement or environmental change. ( Log Out /  The existing Open Comments threads will continue to exist for those who do not subscribe to Independent Premium. The cloud seeding process is conducted by the government to modify the weather in any given area. (And Ways to Reuse Old Wax Paper), Are Toothbrushes Recyclable? And in 1947, a hurricane on the east coast of the US was seeded with 102kg of dry ice, before going from a northeasterly to a westerly direction into Georgia, where it caused severe damage. It relates to regulation of precipitation (both quantitatively and alteration of type) in a certain area. Cloud seeding has also had some unforeseen and undesirable effects. According to Reeves, however, spraying is on the rise. How Stuff Works. Cloud seeding is a part of weather modification (or engineering). Supercooled water in the sky needs particles such as dust or salt (with an ice crystal structure) so they can condense and subsequently fall as rain – but these can often be lacking in the atmosphere. As the second driest state in the U.S., the goal of cloud seeding programs in Utah has China used cloud seeding in 2009 to attempt to end a drought, but it led to a … One can achieve the process by distributing artificial substances like silver iodide and dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide) into the air that serve as cloud condensation or ice nuclei. Soon after, scientists began work on concocting a chemical crystalline that would have the same effect. The cloud seeding process is conducted by the government to modify the weather in any given area. Thus, making our desert regions lush and fertile again! Such monies could be used to fund other projects, given that it will inevitably rain. This brings relief to the governments and to all individuals who depend upon agriculture in some way or the other. To do so, a special aircraft, rocket, or other dispersion device is used. When one weather pattern changes, another typically changes as well. Cloud seeding becomes irrelevant if it would have rained regardless of it being used. It caused severe damage, leading to General Electric Corporation being sued. In the 1940s glaciogenic cloud seeding was discovered; the process involved ice crystals being introduced into thin clouds. ( Christian Cristiano is an acupuncturist in LA, TV host of Wellness for Realists and writes on wellness regularly for CityWatch. (And Are They Environment Friendly), When Do Peonies Bloom? Science has the answer. Resoundingly yes, by lowering the intensity of silver iodide in the process. A formerly classified operation, cloud seeding is now a well-known tactic. if (this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200) { It is an efficient tool, especially in arid areas of the world, where rainfall is minimal under ordinary circumstances. As such, he says, cloud seeding only reduces the water in clouds going downwind by 1 percent or 2 percent. For it to work, about 100 times more ice crystals are required as compared to the static cloud seeding method. var myObj = JSON.parse(this.responseText); A true environmentalist by heart ❤️. Most people receive low levels of silver exposure from their drinking water and food. Change ). One country undeterred by such concerns, and leading the way with international cloud seeding research is the United Arab Emirates, whose government has just launched a $5m (£3.6m) programme, the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science (UAEREP), to research rain enhancement. if (this.readyState == 4 && this.status == 200) { The temperature of the cloud is also important. Another method the programme is supporting is the use of drones to alter the electrical properties of clouds to induce electrical seeding. In Pics: Deforestation forcing wild beasts to take... 555 YBRパーキングシステム:エネルギーの必要量を供給する太陽傘が注目されています, 環境にやさしい生き方をすることが好きで、常にリサイクル製品の使用を考えていますか? もし、答えがイエスの場合、古着のデニムジーンズから作られた、このリサイクルラグは、必ずあなたの緑の生活にフィットします。擦り切れたジーンズを捨てていた日々は、ここで終わりです。スウェーデンのデニム会社、ヌーディージーンズ(Nudie Jeans)は、これらの使い古したジーンズのための完璧な解決法を打ち出しています。, 4 Things You Can Do at Home to Help the Environment, How to Get Free Instagram Followers on Page about Sustainability, Easier Moving: 7 Things You Should Do When You Move, A Brief Guide to The Best Four Green Toys For Yachts. document.getElementById("img-"'src',''+myObj.image); Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. Today, companies like the North American Weather Consultants, Inc create and set up cloud seeding stations that are portable and easy to transport so they can get them where they are needed most. According to an article by John Vidal for The Guardian, declassified minutes from an British air ministry meeting in 1953 showed discussions about cloud seeding having the potential to “explode an atomic weapon in a seeded storm system or cloud…. Later tests revealed another cause: the birds had gotten into poisoned grain in one of the rancher’s sheds.Vail Daily, Vail, Colorado. One can achieve the process by distributing artificial substances like silver iodide and dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide) into the air that serve as cloud condensation or ice nuclei. A more recent, smaller-scale mishap occurred in June 2008, when the Russian Air Force on a cloud seeding procedure over Moscow, accidentally dropped a mixture of silver iodide, liquid nitrogen and cement powder. Source(s): To save the new ski season, Vail officials are taking new measures to slow the spread, limiting virtually all gatherings to…, Paint Prepper/B-tech Busy body shop looking for experienced, quality oriented people to add to our team. Due to the sheer scale of this comment community, we are not able to give each post the same level of attention, but we have preserved this area in the interests of open debate. Consider the case of cloud-seeding done in the Steamboat Springs area in the winter of 1978-79. It would be nice to see a stop to the chemtrail & cloud seeding. It is a more complex method as it relies on a sequence of events working properly. “All humans influence nature in some fashion, whether its driving a car and emitting pollutants, adding fertilizers to crops, or flipping on a light switch that’s powered by natural resources,” he says; although whether two wrongs making a right stands as a valid argument remains to be seen. Then Schaefer and his colleague, Bernard Vonnegut, discovered that silver iodide, which is structurally similar to ice, also did the job. Silver iodide in freebase form, ready to be smoked. For instance, no one could manipulate the atmosphere so that it rains. The first time I noticed the cloud seeding was in around 1980 in Minnesota. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. It has been argued that cloud seeding is just a way of sweeping the effects of pollution and climate change under the rug. The country is now one of the world’s biggest per capita consumers of water, and without cloud seeding, the only other water source, apart from low levels of natural rainfall, is desalination, a process requiring 10 times more power than treating surface fresh water. The hurricane did not hit the area but moved to the west in Georgia. (And Ways To Protect Peonies), Types, Causes, Effects and Solutions to Waterlogging, Do Deer Eat Roses? However, sometimes, the results have been damaging. All Boeing 747’s are equipped with these silver iodide dispensers. 35+ Incredible Facts About the Weather That You May Have Never Heard About, What is the Hydrologic Cycle and Steps of the Hydrologic Cycle, 3. It is an innovative way of creating rainfall, especially in arid areas. Secondly, crops are protected. Looking for good communication, organizational, phone and typing…, STEM Curiosity Lab Instructor 10-15 hours/week during the academic school year. Cloud seeding has been practiced by a number of countries including India, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, China, and the United Kingdom.