The piano score of this piece was first published in 1788 and is part of Sonatas by Mozart. Mozart: Piano Sonata No.16 in C major, K.545 Analysis. Mozart’s 16 th Sonata, K545, has three movements: Allegro; Andante; Rondo; We’re going to be focusing on the first movement today (allegro), because that movement is written in sonata form, which brings us to #2. The Piano Sonata No. A detailed guide that analyzes the structural, harmonic and thematic frame. 16 in C major, K. 545, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was described by Mozart himself in his own thematic catalogue as "for beginners", and it is sometimes known by the nickname Sonata facile or Sonata semplice. Andante 3. 1. Top Pieces Sonata K. 545 in C Major, a composition by the classical composer Wolfgang Amadéus Mozart. Piano Sonata No.15 in F major, K.533/494; Piano Sonata No.16 in C major, K.545 ("Semplice") Piano Sonata No.17 in B-flat major, K.570; Piano Sonata No.18 in D major, K.576 ("Trumpet" or "Hunt") Allegro in B-flat major, K.400/372a (fragment of 1 movement; completed by Maximilian Stadler) Allegro in G minor, K.312/590d (fragment of 1 movement; completed by unknown composer) Piano Sonata in B-flat major … A sonata runs anywhere from 15-45 minutes, and has 3-4 pieces (5-10 minutes per song). #2: Sonata as a song structure Allegretto Allegro 2.