The demand for qualified information specialists will grow steadily in the years to come, and a Master of Science in Information Systems could position you to take advantage. When every electric device in a person's home is Internet-aware, that means every device must have its own associated OS and apps. Teaching transferable computer classes that cover the Windows operating, Any combination of education and experience equivalent to a bachelor's degree in computer, The successful candidate will have the opportunity to lead projects through initial business casing efforts, process analysis to design and development of a…, The GIS Analyst has experience applying spatial analysis and data, They will support critical business and technical needs for Dow business, research, and manufacturing functions around the world in a variety of process &…, Successful candidates should possess a minimum of an Associate's degree (Bachelor's or Master's degree preferred) in Geography, Engineering, Computer Science,…, You will also have the opportunity to apply. How to Get an Employer to Sponsor Your MBA? Computer systems services and design companies: $143,00, Insurance and finance companies: $142,800, Computer and Information Systems Managers. Ideal candidates are current students pursuing their undergraduate…. Manage the use of encryption technology and vulnerability analysis of various security technologies, and information technology security research. 10-20 years of experience results in an average salary of $89,000 based upon 348 reported salaries. Cloud Architect. It's no wonder, with the Internet of Things looming on the horizon. reports the following salaries for information systems managers with various levels of experience: For director of information systems, below are salaries based upon level of experience, according to Working in information systems will generally result in a good salary, but you will earn more money in some industries than others. $57k - … Copyright © 2020East Coast Polytechnic Institute™All Rights Reserved, Cyber and Information Security Technology, Systems Engineering Master's - Mechatronics, Systems Engineering Master's - Software Engineering, Electronic Systems Engineering Technology, 2.5 Year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Operations, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management, Management Master's - Homeland Security Management, Management Master's - Human Resources Management, Management Master's - Organizational Leadership, Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS), What Our Students Say About the Faculty at ECPI University. Computer and Information Systems Manager. Five to 10 years of experience results in an average salary of $78,000 based upon 244 reported salaries. © Copyright 2003-2020 Understand what's truly driving the gender pay gap. They are responsible for planning, coordinating and directing all the computer activities in a company or organization. (2016). vArchitects are people who can combine both theoretical and practical software applications, while keeping constantly up-to-date on a fast-changing field. Mathematicians and statisticians: $60,000 with bachelor’s, $80,000 with master’s. It could be the Best Decision You Ever Make! Computer Systems Analyst at a Major University . If you feel comfortable with computers and want to learn more, you may want to pursue a degree in this area. Retrieved from. Improve your chances of receiving a raise when you ask. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found in 2013 that the median wage for all workers in the US with a master’s MIS degree was $68,000. Obtaining your degree in information systems will arm you with technical skills that can be extremely important in many rewarding careers. Pay ranges for people with a Master of Science (MS), Management Information Systems (MIS) degree by employer. Less than five years of experience results in an average salary of $62,000 based upon 18 reported salaries. Five Realities to Consider for Computer Science Degree. Which Schools Offer Degrees in Business Information Systems? What Are the Courses in an Undergraduate Degree Program in Information Systems? Associate's Degree in Park and Recreation Administration, Bachelor's degree in computer-related field, Manage all computer-related issues, make recommendations on computer equipment to purchase, stay abreast of trends and product updates, Develop and oversee functionality of databases, restore lost data, update computer permissions, Supervise installation and assist in design of new computer systems, consult with managers on new equipment, Masters in Information Systems: Career and Salary Facts. The median salary for information systems managers was $135,800 in 2016, according to BLS. Inc. $76k - $145k. Cyber-crime is looking to be one of the 21st Century's biggest problems for just about everyone... except for information security analysts. This can be a great entry-level path, as even small businesses need robust networks today, while the largest of corporations are continually demanding the newest and most advanced techniques. Read on to learn more about career options along with salary and job outlook information. Individuals in management and information systems programs learn about the relations between technology, people and organizations. The MSIS degree is designed for those … Information systems managers may be referred to as IT managers or IT project managers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported an above-average expected employment growth of 11% for computer and information systems managers from 2018-2028 ( The Big Question: Should You Go to College? 20+ years of experience results in an average salary of $123,000 based upon 91 reported salaries. Provide support to the Army SAP CIO for maintaining appropriate operation information assurance (IA) posture for programs. Typically, candidates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in information science or computer science and other related fields have an upper hand in securing a job as information systems professional. This rat… Below are some  of the most common professions that you can choose with a bachelor’s or MIS master’s in information systems. For more information about ECPI University or any of our programs click here: or What Degree Levels Are Available in Business Information Systems? Stay up to date on the latest compensation trends. Stop guessing. With a MSIS, you could be looking at heading up development teams and overseeing the development of mission-critical software for products in virtually any field. Then there's the ever-growing demand for online software and apps, not to mention more traditional areas of software development such as games. 6. This job covers the implementation of technology in various healthcare system settings. You might also learn about project management and business fundamentals like finance, marketing and organizational management. This is the most common position that you can obtain with this type of degree. The future is waiting. For more information, see the, The Rector & Visitors of the University of Virginia. The employment rate for computer and information systems managers is poised to grow by 15% between 2014 to 2024. 19,447 Master of Science in Information Systems jobs available on After all, if there is ONE field in business which will go nowhere but up in the years to come, it is Information Systems. The best at what they do may hold a master's degree in information systems where they can work in executive positions to run IT projects, set goals and develop plans for implementing computer systems for organizations or clients. Gainful Employment Information – Information Systems - Master’s. Where Can I Earn a Doctorate Degree in Computer Information Systems Online? Right now, there is probably no faster-growing area of IT and information systems than app development. The reason is that these industries pay more than others, such as utilities, human resources or healthcare. With a master's degree in information systems, you might also pursue a career as a computer systems analyst; according to the BLS, these professionals earned a median annual wage of $88,740 in 2018. What's the Difference Between Computer Science and Information Systems? While a degree in one of the many information technology fields may be challenging, a management information systems salary is well worth the work. No contractual rights, either expressed or implied, are created by its content. The ECPI University website is published for informational purposes only. According to the BLS, the median annual salary for network administrators is currently $75,790, with significant job growth expected as well. Pay ranges for people with a Master of Science (MS), Management Information Systems (MIS) degree by employer.