Search the events calendar for forthcoming conferences and events, and view past meeting resources. After the Great Storm of 1824, Captain Sir Richard Spencer RN carried out pioneering lifeboat design work in the Cobb harbour. Bonfire night celebrations include a torchlight procession, bonfire on the beach and firework display. "[citation needed] The Cobb wall provides a breakwater to protect the town from storms and separates Monmouth and Cobb Gate beaches. FOWLES, I work in the oil business. The Lyme Regis Gig Club regatta also takes place during Carnival Week. It also runs an annual Busking Festival open to all performing artists, now in May, and an open air "Big Mix" festival in July to present music-making by young people. This is a poorly cemented sand that, when saturated with water, liquefies of limestones and mudstones, which were laid down in marine conditions. Recognition was hampered by her gender and lack of wealth. Near the Town Mill, on the site of an old chapel dedicated to St Mary and the Holy Spirits, is the "Lepers Well". Shales-with-Beef are so named because of the impersistent calcite bands Dating from the 12th century, it was originally a tripartite structure with an axial tower. Significant finds include Ichthyosaurus, Plesiosaurus, Dimorphodon, Scelidosaurus (one of the first armoured dinosaurs) and Dapedium. base of the Blue Lias crops out to the west of Lyme Regis in Pinhay rocks were deposited. The phenomenon attracted many visitors, and farmers charged sixpence to view it. [30], The Royal Lion Hotel is a former coaching inn, dating to the first decade of the 17th century. The 2011 Census gave the parish and electoral ward a population of 3,671. 34009 was named "Lyme Regis" after the town. It was reconstructed in 1820 using Portland Admiralty Roach, a type of Portland stone. The town's beaches and cliffs are noted for fossils. been a desert as well as being deep under the sea. Other exhibits include weaver fish, wrasse, blennys, sea mice and crustaceans, including hermit crab. The [13] The town's main beach was reconstructed and reopened on 1 July 2006. [9] The coastal exposures provide a continuous sequence of Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous rock formations, spanning some 185 million years of the Earth's history. "Area: Lyme Regis (Parish), Dwellings, Household Spaces and Accommodation Type, 2011 (KS401EW)", "Area: Lyme Regis (Parish), Key Figures for 2011 Census: Key Statistics", "Parishes (A-L), 1921-2001- Census Years". The Jurassic rocks of Lyme are from the Lower Jurassic A & C this, when it is encountered below the water table in construction works, To the south-west are Poker's Pool, Seven Rock Point and Pinhay Bay and to the north-east is Charmouth. The Penguin Dictionary of Geology. Dovecote Press, Wimborne. Really beautiful, both nature and geology! The namesake of this cross-breed became a legend of books, radio, film and television.[6]. The actor playing the part of Trafalgar messenger Lieutenant Lapenotiere was welcomed at Lyme Regis. They consist of dark grey shales with impersistent limestone Stratigraphy of the Rocks of Lyme Regis. primary education onwards; for those making careers choices The Baptist church was founded in 1653 and has been on the same site since 1699. To the east Church Cliffs again expose the Blue Lias and the overlying Shales with Beef member, the latter is composed of mudstones split by thin calcite bands giving the appearance, supposedly, of a beef steak. Based in UK, I am lucky to travel frequently to Norway and Denmark, and Lyme Regis was a childhood playground for me. Information on our Specialist and Regional groups, Joint Associations and Networks. Sometimes dubbed the "Pearl of Dorset", it lies on Lyme Bay on the English Channel coast at the Dorset–Devon border. There is also evidence for shallow M. R., 1993. It was formerly known as the Philpot Museum. Provisional Geological Map of the Lyme Regis Foreshore. The Marine Theatre, operated by the charity Lymearts Community Trust, stages a variety of live events. [21], The Boat Building Academy, a registered charity[22] runs courses in traditional boatbuilding and furniture making from its site at Monmouth Beach.[23]. Dimorphodon and the Reverend George Howman Its lower reaches coincide with sections of three recreational footpaths: the Wessex Ridgeway, Liberty Trail and East Devon Trail.[8]. WHITTEN, [28] The well water still runs, although probably at a reduced rate. Bivalve fossils are also common in some horizons and include Gryphaea. yellow colour (House, 1993) and, because it has less glauconite than Significant finds include Ichthyosaurus, Plesiosaurus, Dimorphodon, Scelidosaurus (one of the first armoured dinosaurs) and Dapedium. The harbour wall, known as The Cobb, appears in Jane Austen's novel Persuasion, the John Fowles novel The French Lieutenant's Woman and the 1981 film of that name, partly shot in the town. Landslide case study. J., 1982. Its name is of British origin and probably cognate with the Welsh llif meaning flood or stream. passes conformably from the Upper Greensand into the Lower Chalk. best and safest places to search for fossils; the cliffs are not Between the 1820s and her death in 1849 Mary Anning, a geological pioneer, found and identified dinosaur fossils in cliffs to the east of Lyme Regis, for which she obtained recognition, mostly after her death. Upper Greensand is a formation that unconformably overlies the Lower Penguin Books, London. During the formation of the world, Lyme has The Jurassic rocks of Lyme are from the Lower Jurassic system known as the Lower Lias. The senior teams play in the Devon and Exeter Football League and Perry Street and District League. It is famous for ichthyosaurs, plesiosaurs, a dinosaur, fossil collectors, a good museum, cement manufacture, landslides, Dean Buckland, and, of course, Mary Anning. Again giant ammonites can be found in the beach boulders along with smaller ammonites such as Promicroceras. Case Study, Coastal Management: Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK Place specific info: ü Lyme Regis is a small town on the South coast of the UK and makes up part of the stretch of coastline called the: Jurassic Coast.