The momentum has been building toward the realisation of the United Nations Development Programme's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As datasets become larger and high performance computing resources become more available, a deep learning approach to species distribution modeling is likely to be used more frequently. There are many artifacts that can influence a journal’s impact and its ranking in journal lists, not the least of which is the inclusion of review articles or letters. The impact factor can be used to provide a gross approximation of the prestige of journals in which individuals have been published. The digital transformation concept is related to how organizations utilize the power and possibility of technology like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT technologies, to enhance the business operation and customers' experience or create new business lines and methods. Adequate tools for historical view of business performance, (e.g. In doing so, this study makes important theoretical contributions to sustainability in the 21st century (Bednar and Welch 2020, ... BDA is associated with cost-saving potential and thus should enhance operational efficiency (Zhou, Liu, and Zhou 2016;Dubey et al. also manufacturing, has its own strategy which 'feeds into' the corporate strategy. Therefore, crafting the value needed for effectively supporting the realisation of these goals. missing, the firm readily consulted field experts to fill the gap. Keywords Big data analytics, Big data applications, Business value, Challenges, Banking industry. Data from a panel survey of 3,800 officers collected one year prior to Operation Desert Storm and again during the Iraqi engagement are used. Big Data Analytics (BDA) is an emerging phenomenon with the reported potential to transform how firms manage and enhance high value businesses performance. The information technology (IT) business value literature and a resource based view informed the development of our research propositions and the conceptual framework that illuminated the relationships between BDA capability and organizational readiness and design. BDA implementation was partially supported by top, The prevailing opinion was that we needed better insights into, our operations, particularly for predicting unfavorable future, outcomes within our production process, yet, I still believe that. Title changes for the current year and the previous year are listed in the JCR guide. Furthermore, organisational readiness has been viewed as critical for effective IT utilisation and moderates the relationship between top management support and BDA adoption, ... To find the right synthesize the result among all studies selected many aspects of categorizing the studies in spared sheets such as study methodology (case study, qualitative approach, quantitative approach), publication Journals, publication rank, level of analysis, key finding and future research suggestion. In addition, by focusing on the lacking data exchange between TTAs (public) and a D2D mobility integrator (private), our research complements studies that analyze public, respectively, private actor relationships (e.g., Klievink et al. Researcher RecognitionWorld-changing research should be seen, shared and celebrated. descriptive analytics (e.g. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. A title change affects the impact factor for two years after the change is made. secure a team of experts that provide statistics expertise, business perspective and technical expertise to the analysis of, data and identified patterns. Many firms have started Industry 4.0 (I4.0) initiatives in recent years, without having a sound understanding of the effects generated by the technologies introduction. The rise of big data and big data analytics lead to the emergence of new companies with new business models. The Journal Impact Factor should be used with informed peer review.