Ten and 1/2 months already! After a long life in the winter, this bird looks happy as can be bathed with warm sunlight. They don't know much about danger yet - I guess.Thanks again for your comment Andrea. He is already driving lol, by walking where he wants. Thanks again for visiting, it is always nice to see you here in Canada, lol. Immature Cedar Waxwing framed by serviceberries – Nikon D500, f7.1, 1/1000, ISO 500, Nikkor 500mm VR with 1.4x TC, natural light This year has also been good for me for photographing juvenile and immature Cedar Waxwings. Awesome Inc. theme. We have them here, but they are lean ones, lol. Anna :), Dziekuje, za ladny comment. I got some juvenile waxwing photos a couple of years ago, but it was after they had fledged. Piękne zdjęcia i ciekawy ptaszek:):)Pozdrawiam, w Olsztynie zima trzyma. Reminds me of my 4 and a half year old grandson's development. Wow. border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; Adult + 3. I hope you enjoy every day with Matthew, because it goes so fast! Anna :), Hi Chuck, I think we were. ), Yarrow: Common white wildflower that's also pink, Canadian Literature Review: Exile on a Grid Road, Congrats to poet Courtney Bates-Hardy - House of Mystery. Yes juvenile birds are so friendly. Again thanks for your nice comment, and wishes. The funny thing happened to me when I stared birding, that at times no longer I needed to go after birds, they would come my way. I just created polaroid frame layer, then inserted photo layer behind, and text layer in the front and wohhhaaa its all done. I like wild life. And exotic, in the long run, is not important. } Well he is ready to eat from our plate. Pretty cool.. had a good feeling we gave it a second chance, no way it would have made it out, it was a brown/tanish, and had a like pointed um crest I guess you call it on back of head(pointed feathers downward), a Black eye mask, had darker feathers with tail showing a little yellow on the end.. it was the cutest thing.. hubby took a few pics with the cell camera.. it was the highlight of the day,, we didnt catch a thing.. but the little bird made it very cool time on the water.. also did see a few water moccasins moving arround and across the water so I am pretty sure it wouldnt have lasted long..got home searched it and found it to be a waxwing.. Oh it was my Birthday.. may 13 I wanted to go fishing.. 'Photographs are the blue prints of the past.'. I was like Matthew - I knew stuff that my mother would ask herself "where on earth did she learn this? Anna :), Thanks JB. I will keep this in mind, Anna :), Thanks Bob!Yes it is amazing to watch them grow, and I enjoy every minute of it - [children of course, lol, oh and may be birds too]. Anna :), Susanne, thank you so much for visiting, knowing all the travel you have to do. Have Another Method Protecting Your Cars? I know, but I have a feeling all the intense watching he does when I cook, he is ready. Anna :), Piękne zdjęcia ptaków , pozdrawiam , Andrzej :). margin: auto; Anna :), Kathy, thanks. New shoes, spring time, I predict you will be getting your exercise chasing him around by this summer. Anna :), Thanks Cindy, they were even more adorable in the real life :). FANTASTIC cedar waxwing photos, Anna!!! I think that is often the case with wildlife; one human is tolerable, but two of us is two too many. It was adorable. The pictures, as I said somewhere else, take my breath away, but also your stories and observations about Matthew and about life are heart warming. Thanks again, Anna :), Thanks Thomas, and no problem. Excellent sharpness and clarity. Thank you so much for your kind words. Juvenile Cedar Waxwing - The Spring Result Back in 2007 I had this great opportunity to capture over 50 photos of the juvenile Cedar Waxwing [Bombycilla cedrorum]. Chasing birds before Matthew was born was fun, but now I have to chase someone else, lol, its Matthew, and now even more fun.John, I ask myself the same question, but I find that because I enjoy whatever I do, I always get so much energy to accomplish whatever I have to do, and if I don't finish there is always another day. Gorgeous shots! I did get it scooped up, and put it on the carpet in the front deck of boat.. it was shaking, the water was cold to us so im sure it was cold and its wing saturated.. it had fluff so i knew it couldnt be to old.. margin-left: 0; The picture was taken in the summer though, just showing will spring will bloom for us later on. Anna :), Hey Will, I forgot to answer about the organic vegetable garden. that was cute! wow, this is very cool.. we were at kingman state fishing lake in kansas doing some fishing, the whole lake is shallow, like 6 ft, max depth, we were all over the they call it a lake I would have called it a pond.. It is also nice to hear about Matthews progress. !Hugs, JJ, beautiful job!you and she were One!just excellent!peace,Chuck, And I'm now your 81th commenter...wow Anna! Appreciate it...Thomas. Their roof is close to our upstairs bathroom window, so the birds are only a few feet from us. It isn't that easy to take photos during the summer, the birds like to hide. These are great photos! I usually don't see this beautiful bird until the cherries have ripened. questa serie di foto è davvero bellissima!! With Matthew on board, sometimes I am like you, don't want to see my computer too.Susanne it is such a nice surprise, I will be visiting you shortly to find out where you are now.Anna :). Always a pleasure to visit your site. Regards from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He wasn't scared at all, just at some point he had enough of me, so he wondered off. Hope you know what I am talking about....Thanks for the link again, will visit later.Anna :), Thanks Ilan for your kind words about the photos. During the breeding season, Waxwings add insects to their diets. it is so late in the season, this juvenile may be one of a second brood. Thanks again, Anna :), Marvin the Martian, thanks for your warm comment. Anna :), Hey Chris Chisu long time no see, lol, glad to have you back, and thank you for commenting. Passeriformes > Bombycillidae. Thanks for this wonderful post. - by Claude Monet, 'All I can say about life is, Oh God, enjoy it!' Take Care, Peter. Occasionally a line of waxwings perched on a branch will pass a berry back and forth, from bill to bill, until one of them swallows it. Click here for the species description page for the ... Cedar Waxwing 2: Cedar Waxwing 3: Cedar Waxwing 4 (Juvenile) Cedar Waxwing 5: Cedar Waxwing 6: Cedar Waxwing 7: Cedar Waxwing 8 : Cedar Waxwing 9: Cedar Waxwing 10 (Juvenile) Cedar Waxwing 11 (Juvenile) Cedar Waxwing 12 : Cedar Waxwing 13 : Cedar Waxwing 14: Cedar … Anyway it was the day after a coolfron and major storm we wanted to try our luck.. we were in the lake on our boat and about 1pm afternoon, I spot something splashing in the middle of lake, lake full of mossy typegrass as we got closer we saw it was a bird, seemed to be a baby.. it was trying to stay up, but could see it was in distress.. we decided to get over by it ans see what we could do.. we trolled over there and I leaned over the boat edge and tried to get it to get on the end of the paddle to help it up.. it wasnt flying.. Everyday I followed their morning antics as they socialized, foraged, preened, and was even “buzzed” several times when making too quick a movement or crunched on a twig too loudly for their liking. Thanks again, appreciated. ;-)And I am sure he knew who his mother was right from day one! The characteristic plumage is important in choosing a mate within the social order of the flock. Their repetitious soft trilling song gives them away and if you learn the sound you will begin to see Cedar Waxwings everywhere. Yes, birds, animals and all creatures great and small have a lot in common with us humans!