The Intensive Dietary Management Program is a wonderful resource to educate yourself on how fasting works, the practical aspects of fasting, and for a community of support. One of the best resources on the internet is, which has recipes, meal plans, news, and educational videos relating to low carb diets and weight loss. Does your doctor talk about nutrition? In the Resources tab, there are links to some of the more popular lectures/ videos/ podcasts I’ve done. Take control of your health. It was as obvious to me as the sky was blue and the sun shines. There are various studies in progress to also delve into anti-aging and autophagy effects of intermittent fasting. There is also the new Obesity Code podcast, which will also give listeners insights into obesity and how to treat it. There’s a lot of great information out there and we’ve listed some of our favourite websites under the ‘Resources’ tab. We are doing all we can, and we are telling our patients all the right things, right?? I would like to introduce myself: my name is Megan (Christie) Ramos, and I am the Intensive Dietary Management Program Director. Fasting Coaching Consultation | Coach Carolann, Fasting Coaching Consultation | Coach Jeff, Fasting Coaching Consultation | Coach John, Fasting Coaching Consultation | Coach Larry, Fasting Coaching Consultation | Coach Nadia, Single Session Health Consultation | Dr. Nadir Ali, Single Session Behavior Coaching | Coach Terri, Single Session Fasting Coaching | Coach Nadia, Behavior Coaching Consultation | Coach Terri. I became fully convinced when I saw it first hand in patients. There are links to the weekly blog, as well as the archives going back several years. There is natural cure for their obesity, their diabetes, their chronic disease. Monitoring blood sugars for biofeedback helps patients understand the impact of food, exercise and sleep on blood sugars. The website provides links to much of the free educational materials I’ve written over the last few years. This was metabolic syndrome due to insulin resistance and carbohydrate intolerance. Food is our medicine. We provide the education, support and guidance necessary to succeed at low carb diets and intermittent fasting. While many people may initially feel that one on one sessions are better, I don’t believe that true. At that time, I was a resident in internal medicine. I asked him, “Eric, what did you do?” He said: “I cut out sugar and starches. How is this different from calorie restriction? and he noticed that almost every one of my patients had high blood pressure, high triglycerides, high blood sugars, and obesity. Dr. Jason Fung: More and more physicians are starting to recognize the crucial importance of diet in the treatment of chronic metabolic diseases. The IDM was co-founded by a nephrologist and world-renowned author, Dr. Jason Fung and clinical researcher Megan Ramos, who herself used the program to practice fasting and reversed her obesity and type 2 diabetes. Author of the international bestsellers The Diabetes Code and The Obesity Code Dr. Jason Fung returns with an eye-opening biography of cancer in which he offers a radical new paradigm for understanding cancer—and issues a call to action for reducing risk moving forward. I’m excited to be able to offer the Intensive Dietary Management (IDM) Program to clients anywhere in the world. My approach combines conventional medicine, nutritional sciences and laboratory diagnostics to find the root cause of disease. Home | Feedback | Disclaimer | Privacy | Tell a Friend | Sitemap | Contact Us, © Radiant Health Weight Loss & Wellness Frisco, TX, Radiant Health People felt alone in their struggle. You can join Weight Watchers, or Jenny Craig or any number of other commercial weight loss programs. He lost 100 lbs! Jason Fung, MD is a nephrologist and a founder of the Intensive Dietary Management Program, which provides a dietary treatment program for type-2 diabetes (T2D) and its comorbidity obesity. In addition to the personalized attention, all our session are delivered in a small group format. It’s difficult even with all the support in the world. In fact, when I first started incorporating nutrition into my medical practice, I started with one on one sessions, since this is the medical model I was used to. The IDM program has what they call a “Long Distance Program”. Fees and other details can be found at For people who have chronic health problems like type 2 diabetes, PCOS, pre-diabetes, and high blood pressure it is important to be supervised medically when starting a fasting program. For those people not in the Silicon Valley area, there are other options. Learn More They provide education, practical tips and support to help people use fasting as an effective tool. The Intensive Dietary Management Program is a wonderful resource to educate yourself on how fasting works, the practical aspects of fasting, and for a community of support.