This is a gorgeous house and we are seriously considering buying it, but I want to know what kind of pest problem it may be before we move forward. Does anyone have an idea? Advice or what would you do differently? Click here for iPhone and here for Android, When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Also works great to keep mold away outside. Help is at hand, Staff whipping pompous ass member...with uppity Thai wife. olayak. By taking care of all the details, A-1 Basement Solutions makes the job worry free. We would like to know. My guess by your description is plaster bagworms. I agree, this isn't rocket science! Most basements can be made to look great in a short time for a relatively small amount of money. But have you ever noticed something strange about some of the fluff that gathers around skirting boards, and even on walls and ceilings? The Basement Condition is Important When buying a home, the condition of the basement is one of the most important factors that a young family will consider. I don't think any wasp pupates in the open. I'm a city person, I have no idea. Here are 7 tips to keep in mind, Not all pet dangers are obvious. - Remove natural fibre rugs and other fabrics from the room, if possible. I have never fertilized it, and I rarely ever even water it. droppings or cocoon on walls of potential home. The female will lay around 40-50 eggs over a week. When people were over, everyone stood around the island and she couldn't move around in the kitchen at all. I'd either ask for a second showing and grab pictures and some samples to show to a local exterminator, or put in an offer contingent on a full home, pest and WDO inspection. Are you in Thailand and feeling low? Inside the rice-shaped structure is the larva of the case-bearing carpet moth. They feed upon shed spider webs, hair and dead insects. They have nice silky cocoons and don't leave them out in the open. Need help with potential peninsula for kitchen. They also keep the bystanders out of the cook's way. Sorry I wasn't more clear about that. Everyone likes islands, but peninsula kitchens are the most efficient. It grows just outside our bedroom window, and I LOVE the sound of the rain filtering through it, as well as the sound it makes in the wind. My other vote would be NOT to paint the wall. Are there any good way to stop this pest or we just have to live with like the geckos? And then the other change we are going to do is to convert an existing open doorway to the side hallway and another external door into fixed French doors to serve as a window into the living room which in turn looks outside to a beautiful view. No matter which room I am, if i call them, I will always get at least 3 replies. Don't hate them. Why I never see the moth, only the cocoons/worms? Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. The note is a great idea and I will do that before we seal up the wall. My first thought was mud daubers also, because of the high location near a corner, but your description of pellets doesn't sound like their typical nest. We haven't had ANY trouble containing ours, and we've had it for over 20 years. Inside the rice-shaped structure is the larva of the case-bearing carpet moth - and it's a hungry little fella that feeds on your carpets and clothes. The moths then mate, lay their eggs and die within a week. The experts at HGTV Gardens bring you a collection of nests, webs, cocoons; made by bugs, birds and other garden critters The circulation was especially terrible because the hallway with the row of pantry cabinets is the hallway to the garage. I can deal with rodents, but I hate bugs! Not on a ledge, they were actually STUCK to the wall. We do everything for you. Carpet moths tend to lay their eggs in dark places, so check around the edges of the room, corners of skirting boards and under furniture. By They don't like the smell. A new 2' deep refrigerator got moved to the back wall to the kitchen and we did a wall of 1' deep cabinets on the old refrigerator wall. They spin a fluffy cocoon inside which they metamorphose into into the adult moth. They have a very distinctive look but these sound too big though and I've never heard of them being placed high or in groups. In that kitchen, the sink was on the long wall instead of the corner, otherwise it was very similar. The tell-tale sign of carpet moths is threadbare carpet patches. How to Keep Plaster Bagworms Off Stucco Walls. As the others have said, it's hard to know without more details or photos. The buyers want to look at the basement like a clean, blank canvas and envision where the playroom or home gym will go. Insects are skilled architects that build homes of all kinds, from basements to tree houses and even skyscrapers ... which saves its silk to spin a cocoon. You can unsubscribe at any time. If a mouse or other critter died under the house, these would be the pupae of the maggots that were eating the dead critter. Do Wolf & Sub-Zero products ever go on sale? Your Home's Resale Value: The resale value of your home could be adversely affected. Sounds like the pupae of something ... flies perhaps. I am curious what animal is this. How to control/prevent annoying moth cocoons on my walls and ceiling? And, it makes a nice barrier for the hot tub! A-1 Basement Solutions gives free basement health inspections to New Jersey homeowners. Why should I bother repairing a wet basement? Hi, ... Could be anything from bed bug droppings to dry wood termite poop to simple spider egg sacks. I looked it up and those aren't them. Don't wait until the last minute to address your leaky basement. Which basement helps to sell the home, the ugly one or the painted one? Selling Your New Jersey Home? Could be anything from bed bug droppings to dry wood termite poop to simple spider egg sacks. The buyers want everything in the basement, like crack repairs, French drains and sump pump, already done for them. I'm attaching the before and after plan. They are attached to walls and to the ceiling, but sometimes they fall off. When a runner starts, it hits the metal sheeting and turns UP (our of the soil), making it very easy to snip off with a pruning shears. As mentioned, bagworms are especially fond of wool. Need someone to talk to? But these guys are really hard to get rid of. It is/lives inside some kind of cocoon, about 1 cm in length. Buyers expect a dry basement with a strong foundation and no cracks. Infestations often originate from bird’s nests it’s useful to check any unused chimneys or attics. And especially butterflies, because they are eating my lemon tree on the balcony. We welcome your thoughts and comments. It's a lovely yellow-green hue which makes a nice contrast to the other green plants in my yard. If you want the house to be easier to show and thus easier to sell, the homeowner should have the basement made healthy and clean before the house is shown to prospective buyers. Pretty good news, since they aren't harmful and they keep the flies/mosquitoes/worse crawly things at bay. I guess it kind of depends on the area where you are. - Close cracks and crevices in the wall. Real Estate Laws: You, the seller, could be held responsible for any undisclosed defects for long periods of time after the sale. Learn everything you need to know about your basement: Subscribe to our blog and download our FREE E-BOOK, “Basements 101” Was this information useful? The owner hated the island that was too tight to do seating at and still circulate around. They then hatch into the destructive larvae stage which feed on carpets and clothes, before the pupation stage starts. I don't think any wasp pupates in the open. Contact A-1 Basement Solutions at 908-322-1313, or [email protected] for a free in-home inspection and detailed quote. Sorry I don't have photos - I'm going to see it on Friday. .....They really drive me up the wall................ You dont have to live with either if  your house is sealed up tight with properly  fitting doors  and windows, I never get any, keep outside  lights OFF the  walls of the house is  also a  good  idea, mine are about 5  metres away from the house . It was only in two of the rooms of the house. The house has probably been empty and something got in. It dominated the room and was too tight to work around. 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