Above all existing encrypting record systems don’t meet the different prerequisites of security and ease of use, because of the absence of adaptable key administration, fine-grained access control and security in opposition to a vast run of ambushes. Hi sir, I am doing my btech final year.I would like know more about Voice Based Email for Blind.Is that a relevant topic?a current system is available now,is it possible to add advancements to this topic.Will you please suggest idea. If you want to enhance the QoS and reliability of the internet connection thenmultihoming is the best technique for that. Sir I am naveen Btech final year specialisation is computer science eng So I need major project give best one that execute easy by languages like java simple execution. The left side of the webpage contains the menu that includes the list of topics arranged from top to bottom manner, whereas on the right side, it includes the documentation equivalent to every theme. Automatic Book Copier. hi, please help me to make final year project in networking something new please help …. The process of userspace daemon helps in the communication process with the kernel and at the same time it also enables the execution of the development tools. This project is a version of network time protocol. i need mini projects in vb.net……….. with suitable real time example…. The list of HTML projects for CSE students includes the following. For maintaining these records, there are separate divisions are given so that student fee details can be maintained. I am confuse for my first project please give me very simple and effective idea for my project. So here we have listed out some HTML projects. Could you please provide me some project ideas related to IOT(Internet Of Things). So that it reaches in 24/7 to the customer. GIO THOMAS respected sir, iam gio thomas from nedumbassery,kerala iam a b tech computer science student at jaibharath engineering college and management arakappady,kerala i want a main project subject for cse students in ieee and also requested to give a project related seminar topic?? please help me…. Sir my name is Shubham 3rd year student I need a project topic for the final year. Sir,am a ise final year student..can I do project on earthquake detection….if so,plz give me complete information about it as soon as possible plzzzz….. hi sir i m 3rd year cse students please give me some idea to implement the image steganography project. Tech., dual-degree B.Tech./ M.Tech., M.Tech., M.S., Ph.D. degree programmes. what kind of ideas can be developed and implemented? If you help me to do the project.please give me suggests for better project.I am hope with you. students of IIT Madras, has been started from Jan. 2018. Accordingly, Internet has come to be a nexus asset of qualified data. This project uses Mozilla or Chrome browser once clicking the file of index.html. It has helped in enhancing the security level in the network. Research. Utilizing a comprehensively part-space implementation empowers us to maintain a strategic distance from trusting the super user record and secure in opposition to diverse user-space ambushes. Computer science engineering projects involve designing and development of various application-based software. Java is a flexible programming language used in several areas of app development & software. This new method can easily solve the problem and it will also enable the operator to calculate the parameters of the connection. Database is managed according to the city and stations. Consequently, there is a pressing require for infrastructure of instruments that can screen and catch undesirable correspondences over the system. hi sir… i need mini project concept of cse and it should be innovative idea and related to our current technologies, so please help me sir. Sir muze computer science and engineering ke liye mega projects suggest ki fiye. Hi I am computer engineering final year student and I want a valid project idea for me, more like AI, Communication and others related to my filed. I am a student of IT. Formal specializations in information security and in information and knowledge management systems are offered for bachelor’s studies. i am an Information Technology 3rd year student , and i want a good and simple Final year project topic (FYP) For developing a mobile apps. Keerti's research interest includes fault-tolerant algorithms, extremal graph structures, dynamic algorithms, and graph realizability. Python is one kind of powerful, most popular programming language. Computer science students form IIT can download project reports of previous year students. The usage keeps on  changing continuously and for each interface the bandwidth need to be estimate regularly. This is a simple technique and is based on the function f ISPs. please give me model topics. I am studying computer science engineering final year. (8.Sep.2020) The paper "A Language Modeling Approach for Temporal Information Needs" by Klaus Berberich, Srikanta Bedathur, Omar Alonso and Gerhard Weikum, which appeared in ECIR 2010 has won the 10 year Test of Time Award at the European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR), 2020. For more details please contact Niranjan on +91-9959178000. I AM DOING MASTER OF TECH. Department of Computer Science and Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Powai, Mumbai 400076 Main office : Kanwal Rekhi Building. Every train has its own details like name, source station, destination station, time and days. hy please give me some good ideas for my final year project am a computer science student but i want to make some great and super project for final year any new idea? I am a Mtech CSE student. I am cse student I want project using computer networks to communicate two systems. It works on the basis of links of the multiple network. thank you, hi this is arun kumar…im studying mca final year ..now i have to do my project work so what course is better todo project work. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); They are completely developed in the java as they provide features like object oriented. The android-based weather app can be developed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. By using CSS, this project is very useful in adding different layouts as well as styles. Thank you . The maintaining of product search, placing an order, billing & product stock also maintained through one click. I am a computer science student.Kindly suggest me some good projects in hardware orweb based for my final year project. High-Speed Face Recognition Based on RBF Neural Networks and Discrete Cosine Transform. My project is ffinger print based online voting . hello sir, i am a final year btech student. Every train has its own details like name, source station, destination station, time and days. hy i am cse student……. This was a part of Yahoo! Hi sir.. i am 3rd year student of cse department i need a project based on Php,database,Mysql plese help me sir. I did this project in Winter 2010 under guidance of Prof. Anshul Kumar, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Delhi