The overall length of the antenna from the top of the case out should as close to 6.7" as possible (as per my calculations anyway). 11 years ago f.) Superglue. It is pretty tight inside the case. It helps to remove oxidation which will make soldering easier. I tried this mod, but was really bummed when it didn't work for me. I personally wanted to remove it from the case so I could easily sand and solder it. More sensitive means more noticeable expansion. This would be useful info for other projects where I might want to extend the range. One Antenna Tube on Introduction. Flip case over (so face is up) and insert TX push button (see pic below). do. The wire will need to exit the case at a right angle from the PCB with minimal bends as further described below. First make sure the antenna wire is as straight as possible. It will fall out very easily after you remove the PCB so be careful not to drop it. Now a 1% increase in temperature again gives a 1%increase in volume but this doubles the amount in the tube and so gives a change in the height of 100% not 1%. Do you have any other comments where I might have messed up? Note that I have another Instructable on this topic HERE (created for a contest in which I lost but was one of the finalists!). Reply I assume you already know how to solder. More to come in the near future! Thanks a lot for this instructable! Just make sure you end up with a nice solid connection. Feedback for improvement is very much welcome. It doesn't need to be perfect but should be close to allow a 90 degree exit from the board and minimize the bending required for adjustment. Gently bend to adjust if necessary. ), 9 years ago Most people said to just try a wire which is what I did. Increase the temperature by 1% would increase volume by 1% and the height in the tube by 1% But suppose there is a large bulb containing 99% of the mercury and the tube only holds 1%. 11 years ago I'll let you know when I know more. The Acurite, however, uses a helical spring antenna. Because antenna length is directly tied to the operating frequency (433.92Mhz) in which the device was designed for. By the way...forgot to mention. (See image. Thanks so much for this instructable. Put the thermometer near a light and wait a few seconds until it reaches a temperature of 38°C or 39° C (100 °F or 102°F), approximately. What is the hink-pink for blue green moray? This Instructable will describe a very simple process for increasing the range of a wireless BBQ thermometer. 9 years ago on Introduction, Your the third person today to say they loved that piece about the FCC search! Derek. 6 years ago Almost done! FYI, there may be a new ET73 in the works, with a 300ft range, among other improvements. Thanks for this information! Sometimes you search the internet for information about a product with very little luck. 7 years ago When did organ music become associated with baseball? When done, carefully thread the antenna through the hole. Thanks for any help! It works like a charm!!! 1.) Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? Bends and spikes in a cold solder joint can affect the overall impedance and as a result, the overall performance.I say give it a try and report back on how it works! Found and implemented ideal antenna length - 6.7" (based on whitepaper found, Added antenna tube cover to protect exposed wire (and add to overall durability), General clean-up of the overall Instructable. Re-attach PCB using 4 screws (carefully align LED). Double check wires (make sure nothing broke...which happened to me more than once). It will break very easily).Note: You could skip this step if you feel that you have enough working room with the PCB mounted in the case. Oh well, it works great for me now as-is! CAREFULLY close the case, adjusting antenna wire as you are closing. Both mods work and do improve the range but I do wish for still more. I walked around my entire house without loosing signal at all. What is the conflict of the story of sinigang? The antenna wire should leave the circuit board at 90 degrees like this __|__ (I straightened mine below as I was putting the housing back together). That plain ole' piece of wire seems to work pretty good for this frequency but maybe I'll try something else in the future and compare the results. Glad I could help! It was very detailed and things went exactly as they should have. No problem at all! With no probes attached you should see three dashes on the LCD. The antenna will require 6.7" of 22 gauge copper or steel wire which is commonly found at craft stores and used for flower arrangements. With both mods, 50 ft and a couple of walls still makes it iffy. Tighten all 6 screws on the back of case and we're ready to test! Take your time with this step! Time to put it all together! I would not have attempted this without your instruction. It can be seen and ordered here: In this case it's pretty clear just by looking at it but sometimes they are not this obvious. Doing so may result in much greater detail about the product as it was filed with the FCC (circuit diagrams, block diagrams, internal photos, test reports, etc.). How much does does a 100 dollar roblox gift card get you in robhx? If you're having trouble and want to try modding the receiver too, open up the receiver, and you'll see a small circle of (about the size of a dime) on the PCB near the top of the board. WARNING!!!! It worked like a charm (and I had enough room so I didn't have to remove the PCB).