1. The Colombians know how to use their slang as well! A child, especially a spoiled or ill-mannered one. Manuel B. Lv 4. When Colombians are hungry, they’re actually “sharp.” 2 1. ¿Qué hubo? Ella siempre es tan grosera conmigo. Someone who is un pijo or una pija is a brat, or a spoiled kid. 1 decade ago. If I say Homero, you still might not know. Anonymous. It can also be used to call someone snobby, stuck up, or condescending. Here we will show you common ways to ask “What’s your name” in Spanish. Likewise, we will show you a list of swear words in Spanish that will get you out of trouble (or even get you into trouble if you say them to the wrong person or at a bad time). ¡Pilas! 1. so, it would be: no eres más que un mocoso malcriado (masculine) no eres más que una mocosa malcriada (feminine) Though, you need to pay attention to the context (formal or informal) when asking. How do you think about the answers? (What’s up?) But if I mention Homer Simpson—especially paired up with Marge, Bart and Lisa—you’ll recognize him instantly! brat . In Colombia, a misbehaving little boy isn’t a “brat”…he’s a “shit from an ass.” (Culicagao) 17. Formal forms. You may also want to say idiot in Spanish or other funny Spanish insults to get revenge. Fresa (Preppy/snobby/spoiled brat) ... Te dije que te das bola.” (You don’t say. I told you to pay attention.) List of Spanish insults and swear words. 1 decade ago. Spanish Slang in Colombia. More specifically, he’s the voice behind the Spanish-translated (Latin American) Homer Simpson. How to say what’s your name in Spanish? ¡Qué boleta! Sign in. Humberto Vélez is Homero, in other words, Homer! from the verb estropear-ar and +ado = 'ed' hope that helped :) That is in both contexts of the word, spoiled as it gone off and spoiled as in a lot of money spent on. 0 0. It’s like calling someone una fresa (“a strawberry”) in Mexican Spanish slang. ¿Qué más? little brat Noun Plural: little brats. (What’s up?) Similarly, you can call someone a gilipollas – a “douchebag”. Source(s): https://shrinks.im/a8jji. A Colombian doesn’t say, “that person is ugly”…they say, “that person’s uglier than a car seen from below.” (Es más feo que carro visto por debajo) 16. When speaking to someone older than you or to someone you want to show your respect, you should use usted forms: Translate "little brat" to Spanish: niño mal portado, diablillo, pequeño diablillo, pillín English Synonyms of "little brat": little rascal, brat, bad-mannered child, imp, little devil, mischievous child, urchin Learn how to say brat in Spanish with audio of a native Spanish speaker. it is estropeado. Spoiled Brat In Spanish. This is used to say you’ll slap someone across the face. Try any of these Spanish slang phrases out next time you’re having a casual conversation. Spanish word for brat, including example sentences in both English and Spanish. (Be careful!) You can sign in to vote the answer.