Both are redder than other brands. The generic name iron blue has replaced these picturesque nuances, though bronze blue denotes any reddish grade used in printing inks, including the highest quality pigment known as chinese blue. Like other phthalos, its chroma greatly increases as it is diluted, and the color can be radiant in tints. I’m issuing the warning first thing, in case you need to look away . Indigo was originally the anil dye that put the blue in blue jeans. A very saturated blue violet, ultramarine mixes vibrant and moderately lightfast violets with magentas such as quinacridone magenta (PR122) or quinacridone rose (PV19). **** Absolutely Permanent The average CIECAM J,a,b values for indanthrone blue (PB60) are: 18, 0, -32, with chroma of 32 (estimated hue purity of 35) and a hue angle of 271. Winsor & Newton's pair of ultramarines are slightly lighter valued, greener in hue and more transparent than other brands, and produce some of the most pronounced (and lovely) wash pigment textures. The average CIECAM J,a,b values for cerulean blue (PB36) are: 37, -36, -45, with chroma of 58 (estimated hue purity of 57) and a hue angle of 231; for cerulean blue GS (PB36) are: 35, -39, -34, with chroma of 52 (estimated hue purity of 53) and a hue angle of 221. Blockx blockx blue dissolves less evenly and is inert wet in wet; however, it is the dullest and darkest phthalo tested here (the Rowney Artists RS is much more saturated but with the same hue). I know, I know! Sweet paint dreams to you. Among the cobalt turquoises, Winsor & Newton cobalt turquoise is slightly lighter and more saturated than the Daniel Smith, and less active in wet applications. * Not Durable, HK Holbein Inc is a professional Corporation. Hehehe. But the lightfastness is questionable. I’m a sucker for boxes and containers, too. ), after 800+ hours of sunlight exposure: (top, left to right) Utrecht, M. Graham, Rembrandt, Schmincke, Holbein, MaimeriBlu; (bottom, left to right) Rowney Artists, DaVinci, Van Gogh, Daniel Smith, Winsor & Newton, Winsor & Newton antwerp blue. Germany, UK, Japan, Philippines, Los Angeles- the world is my market. In watercolors, PB60 undergoes a very large drying shift, lightening by 50% (!) Schmincke and Sennelier- so nice! World Watercolor Month is also a non-profit initiative. NOVEMBER 2020 ART CHALLENGE: Beautiful Things! The good news is that if you really want to try this brand and don’t want to spend a lot, the tube sets are quite reasonable, and there are sets with a lesser number of pans. It is rapidly becoming more popular: now four watercolor brands offer it, most recently Daler-Rowney. In 2005 Winsor & Newton introduced their own opera rose, which has a slightly darker and less intense color and shows pigment separation (resin from quinacridone) in juicy, dilute washes. The color becomes lighter and less saturated as the hue changes from blue violet to green. It is opaque when applied full strength but will stand considerable dilution, creating beautifully delicate wash textures. That’s still one pretty penny though! In almost any palette ultramarine is an invaluable red blue. The fading was most obvious in paints labeled antwerp blue, historically the name (with mineral blue or brunswick blue) applied to mixtures of iron blue with a white pigment or extender (such as alumina, barium sulfate, zinc oxide or starch). Gris de Payne Colors like Bright Rose, Bright Violet, Opera, and  Compose Blue are not completely lightfast. Holbein Palm Box Plus – 36 half pans. I love Holbein, but hate half-pans. In time you will probably learn the pigment numbers by osmosis, at least for the paints you normally use. They dried into these hard little lumps. All the cobalt cerulean/turquoise paints are relatively dull, and therefore are fairly easy to approximate with a mixture of cobalt blue with cobalt teal blue (PG50), or ultramarine blue with phthalocyanine green BS (PG7). These pigments are fairly similar across manufacturers, with some exceptions (Daler-Rowney). The pigment available from Robert Doak is also worth investigating, though it stains paper like sin.