Articles Exercises For Class 6: There are two types of articles:- definite article (the) and indefinite articles (a, an). (ii) Dress /i/ new / have a. Then, click on the below links & practice more on English grammar to score better marks in CBSE English board exams as well as in competitive exams. Home › Grade6 › Grade-6-CBSE › 6th english worksheets, interactive lessons tests papers › English Grammar Worksheets › Modal Auxiliary Modal Auxiliary Modal auxiliary Worksheet-1 Passive voice exercise | Simple past tense, Identify the tense Filed in CBSE English Grammar, We have got lots of exercises, worksheets and lessons for CBSE and NCERT class 6 students. Get more Perfect English Grammar with our courses. We usually use indefinite articles first to mention a person or a thing. Everybody was very happy, ? Commonly confused adjectives worksheet Elder, eldest, older, oldest worksheet Past Perfect Exercise 1. Kiran is the best student in the class. Most pages in this section can be printed for use at home or in the class. 9. Circle the adjectives in the sentence. Nouns are words used to refer to objects, places and living things. 1. 1. 6. The camel is the ship of the desert. 5. 3. Change the degrees of comparison without changing the meaning, Negative sentences worksheet Go back to the grammar exercises page Click here to download this exercise in PDF (with answers) Rearrange the words to form complete meaning sentences. Transformation of assertive sentences into exclamatory sentences I'm Seonaid and I hope you like the website. 10. March 11, 2015 Complete the following sentences using an appropriate form of be. Make sentences in the simple present tense Click here to review how to make the past perfect. Present Continuous Tense. Read the following sentences carefully : (i) Birds fly in the air. By doing so, we don’t have to be clear about which particular person or thing we are referring to. Are you looking to improve Class 12 English writing skills, Class 11 Speaking and Listening Skills, Class 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 English Grammar, Reading & Writing skills? (i) Very / is / hot / it? Change affirmative sentences to negative sentences worksheet I met a boy in the store. Determiners worksheet, Passive voice exercise | Simple present tense, Passive voice exercise | Simple past tense, Make sentences in the simple present tense, Make questions in the simple present tense, Simple present tense worksheet | sentence completion, Present perfect continuous tense worksheet, And, but, so and because worksheet for class 6, Change the degrees of comparison without changing the meaning, Change affirmative sentences to negative sentences worksheet, Transformation of assertive sentences into exclamatory sentences, Change affirmative sentences into questions. CBSE Class 6 English Questions with Solutions to help you to revise complete Syllabus and Score More marks in your examinations. Class 10 Solved - Integrated Grammar Practice 6, English Communicative, Class 10 | EduRev Notes Summary and Exercise are very important for perfect preparation. I have written my essay. When we refer to the same person or thing again, we use the definite article the to indicate the person or thing already mentioned. Question 1. NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Grammar contains all the topics of NCERT Textbook prescribed by CBSE Curriculum 2020-2021. 7. 5. Change affirmative sentences into questions Present continuous tense worksheet Noun Exercises for Class 6 CBSE With Answers Pdf. She returned after an hour. No, of course he won't. In the first sentence the Verb fly’ refers to the Present time, in the sec¬ond sentence the Verb ‘flew’ refers to the action in the Past, while the Verb in the third sentence ‘shall fly’ refers to the Future. (No article is needed.) Posted by Manjusha. Log in, Concise Mathematics Class 10 ICSE Solutions 2018, Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). Claudia wasn’t in the class, ? I am afraid he is seriously ill, ? 11. These are great for ESL/EFL students as well as young native speakers; 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade and 5th grade. Conjunctions Conjunctions worksheet Active and passive voice exercises. You can find more worksheets here. Circle the adverbs in the sentences, English Grammar Grade 6, English Grammar for class VI. 8. Change tenses as directed, Confusing words worksheet The parts of speech practice page, Pick out the verbs and write. 12. Your email address will not be published. 4. Change into past continuous tense, Transitive or intransitive verb worksheet, Underline the pronoun and state its kind