Aside from having a powerful impact on his outlook, Chris’s yoga practice also provided a steady stream of early furniture requests for meditation altars, which have remained a mainstay of his flat-packed furniture business to this day. : ), Rachel Bingaman from BingArt said 3 years ago. In the meantime, you know where to find him. Beautiful, They are the most beautiful products that I have seen and I love them very much it has 5 stars from me, Padmini Persaud-Obasi from BrooklynLotus said 26 days ago. Read on to learn more about this business-savvy builder, and find out how he stays inspired—then shop the Herb’s Furniture Company collection. I really don’t think my business would be where it’s at right now if I didn’t start selling on Etsy. Maybe it takes 20 of those moments to get one good idea, but it’s that feeling of hope for this new thing that nobody has ever seen before, that’s so different than all your previous thoughts. Love your designs too. “Yoga was a big part of what helped me get through the beginning stages of learning how to woodwork and launch a business,” he says. I’ve switched up my materials a lot to go in tune with the market trends, but it’s still the same common theme of flat-packed furniture. Great story and your work is awesome. For furniture designer Chris Herbert, who crafts sleek side tables, minimalist kitchen islands, and sturdy, wood and steel meditation altars for his shop Herb’s Furniture Company, it was yoga to the rescue. Not only was I able to get a unique piece at a big-box price, I dealt with an actual person on the design of the product, and it was even brought to my door by the designer himself. Belen Garcia from BelentinasWorkshop said 29 days ago. The two influences meet happily in Dovetails Decor, her curated collection of time-tested pieces bursting with vacation vibes. So beautiful! One Stop Steampunk Shoppe from OneStopSteamShoppe said 3 years ago, Lovely furniture! And flatpack, no less! Hedge House's Hayward dresser is sleek, sturdy, and built to order. His own love of the trade was sparked in 2017, after he found himself standing in a virtually empty new house. Though you can find just about every variety of chair (swivel, dining, bench, ottoman) on offer in Lynda Bryant-Comstock’s HangarOne Design, there’s a common thread among them: the artful blend of style and substance. Very nice products! Can not wait to purchase one of your pieces. I mean, if I started selling on my own website, I don’t think I would have made it past a few orders before I would have given up. I think I’m the most creative when I’m surrounded by nature, or outdoors in general. ... handmade furniture and soon turned his hobby of restoring antique and vintage mid-century pieces into a business… So if you’re looking to refresh your living room or elevate the setting for your next special-occasion family feast, why not give an Etsy furniture seller a try? Love your work... you are an amazing craftsman! When I opened my shop, I had no previous woodworking experience or formal training. Great feature and beautiful finds. Umesh Vigg from TheInspireDecor said 29 days ago. I love the modern minimalist feel of it! I would even use a piece or two in my vintage decorating. Small Businesses on Etsy Are Making Custom Furniture More Attainable. Inspired by their creativity :) Love the clean lines, Alexey Baev from WoodWorkshopAlbDecor said 14 days ago, Cool furniture, especially close to the spirit of the one that you showed in "Crafted Glory Design". Congratulations on your feature your furniture is all so beautiful. Running a business on Etsy may sound like a challenge at first, but you can do it. “It feels so good to have an idea go from inside my head to a physical piece that I and others can enjoy,” he says. Which one speaks to you? It was really just me hacking away at wood in my backyard, and thankfully some people decided to take the plunge and purchase my pieces. Our website,, offers constant original coverage of the interior design and architecture worlds, new shops and products, travel destinations, art and cultural events, celebrity style, and high-end real estate as well as access to print features and images from the AD archives. Beautiful work! Sujata from TreasuredMemoryLane said 3 years ago. It’s this devotion to quality that seems to have more and more young people turning to the site to find pieces that will last a lifetime but don’t require a lifetime of saving up for.