Grand Companies are organizations that players will join at around level 20 by completing the main story quests. i thought they moved all stuff to the front of quest chains? XD. My friend and I absolutely love the coeurl kitten and the wolf pup! © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. That leatherworking guild vista is the worst bs in the gme ._. If you know of side story quests with awesome rewards and unlocks that sprouts or even veterans can easily miss that you recommend, please share. Oh man. Achievements primarily award you points. A quick shout later and everyone who did the FATE came running back to buy it. I've been wondering if you get them depending on the oath you swear when joining a Grand Company. Weird question: why do so many glamour prisms and dispellers sell? Walked up to where the leader of the poachers was originally (he moves to a new location during the fight) and there was a vendor selling the baby raptor minion. reflects that the FATE is only available during a special event. ", Pristine Egg Cap Level 10 head +1 primary stats, Chocobo Egg Cap Level 15 head +1 primary stats and accuracy, Vibrant Egg Cap Level 20 head +2 primary stats and accuracy, Brilliant Egg Cap Level 30 head +3 primary stats +4 accuracy, Midnight Egg Cap Level 40 head +4 primary stats +7 accuracy. There are some really fun and interesting stories and characters! A few are purchasable at the Calamity Salvager in the capitals as well, if you wanted a 2nd Meteor Survivor's Ring, for example. There's a few non-MSQ quests that give minions. Keep in mind these are the end of small quest chains, so look at the "requirements" to get to which one to start with. I'm an OCD gamer, and missables make me want to die. Odd Egg "One of many strange eggs found mixed in with those sent by Radz-at-Han suppliers for the Dreamer's celebration. The following lists FATES with rewards other than Experience or Seals. From level 50-60 side quests and MSQ combined earned me 500k gil. Those look just like the icon and are used as part of the Ul'dah story quest line. There's a ton of FATES which give achievements, minions, or glamour. I was stoked to do this until I realized there was a weather component on top of location and time. There's the scholasticate chain which unlocks the /spectacles emote. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Tagged for later. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. As the title says, I've googled looking for a 'mega list' of quests which give emotes. Sometimes you will receive an additional reward, such as a special Title or a unique item. It seems this is a reward for "The Dreamer's Celebration" which is probably going to be the Easter seasonal event. I'm super happy that they realized the weather/time system on top of the spots being invisible was insane and changed it to the current version. Regarding the Egg Cap. I don't think my heart could take another stab like that. You mentioned the rings, here is the thread from a couple weeks ago about the rings, as well as more specific info on obtaining them. Press J to jump to the feed. I expect only obsessive collectors care about most of these items. Rewards are the Mini Mole, delivery moogle hat, and Star Spangled Subligar. And along the way I found out there were Gilgamesh trials that I would have completely missed had I not been informed about the quest line. Those other items might be gotten by some other means. Funny thing about this quest. A community for fans of Square Enix's popular MMORPG "Final Fantasy XIV Online", also known as FFXIV or FF14. Except the nation-specific items I guess. Detailing usefulness, etc. The fact everyone seems to have gotten Dawn Wristguards may be a bug, or just a beta thing. There are 3 other untradable/unconvertible level 20 items sort of like Dawn Wristguards. attn: Ring of Fortune has been changed from CP+5 to CP+8 as of Character Creator Benchmark, It's great watching all the little boxes move around as other people use the spreadsheet. Moving on to getting all the Triple Triad cards now. You can select a different reward from those quests. Music is good. You won't be able to progress on your Main Story Line quests due to level restriction. Maybe give it another shot sometime. It was actually pretty fun! I didn't notice exactly when it was that I got those. This makes me so happy. From a person named bryan, its not listed as "+ quest", New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I was kind of surprised I turned the wrong way to leave after it was done and low and behold my minimap had a bag icon on it. if not, cool hidden stuff! The custom-made items are in fact missable. There's a ton of FATES which give achievements, minions, or glamour. None of these are really "missable" though. a list of unique items only obtained via achievements, There's a few non-MSQ quests that give minions, Zombies are People Too. Do all quests with blue marker and a "+" sign, and do all side quests after level 50.