Problem is now, is that we have so much Craftsmanship we can no longer do x2 RS at the start otherwise under IG2 we would complete the craft. There's nothing really more than that - these books are a check to make sure players know how to use their initiative and make maximum use of their stats in order to improve their quality of craft, and not how to google rotations. Example: you are better off not using SH or SH2 for BB and using that 22-25 CP on a Basic Touch. You can work in the extra CSII by waiting for SHII to go down while CZ still has 1 step left. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You’re 3 craftmanship away from being able to do the synth with PBP, PBP, ING 2, RS, SS… and finish at the end with a CS2. Good luck. Most importantly, the "finisher" (this being SH II -> GS -> Ing II -> BB) is 113 CP. Either way when you're at 20 durability you'll move into part 2. Another IQ stack is more important than SH for BB. I reclaimed If I would end up at 9 or below. This is what sets aside "I can follow instructions like a robot" crafters, and crafters who can use their initiative. Comfort Zone> Master's Mend II> Steady Hand II> Waste Not II> Hasty Touch x4> Steady Hand II> Hasty Touch x5. the Demimateria or Glamour Prism books), while others simply add higher tiers of recipes. I prefer to swap out Ing II for Innovation. A lot. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Alternatively, you can save your CSII to help fish for a good/excellent proc for BB at the end while GS is still up. I apologize if this was a little long winded but I hope this helps. Problem is its requiring way to much luck with ToT. The Camlet is like 1/2 the difficulty of the Intricate Silver Brocade. If you have an excess of CP but not enough to refresh MMII (and you have 35 durability while being high on the Comfort Zone buff), you can consider using Steady Hand II -> Waste Not for 4 steps of Hasty Touches. Patch 2.4 Description: This esoteric tome─the second in an equally esoteric series─contains advanced clothcraft recipes that can only be learned by highly skilled weavers. For me at least, the whole idea is to get 2 MM2. If you've taken 2 ToT under SH II then that should fall off at 30 durability. There is really no other way of putting it. Master Recipe Books for Crafting Master Goldsmith II: 1 Calibrated Rose Gold Cog (HQ) Master Blacksmith II: 1 Balanced Darksteel Hook (HQ) Master Armorer II: 1 Reinforced Darksteel Wire (HQ) Master Carpenter II: 1 Reinforced Spruce Plywood (HQ) Master Leatherworker II: 1 … You need to take every ToT good proc when you're not under Waste Not. Personally I'd open with:CZ > IQ > SH II > PbP > PbP > RS >RSPbP is 90% success rate and I don't want the risk of missing. There's no steady hand for your first 2 PBP meaning you only have a 73% chance to get those 3, and only a 58% chance to also get that RS. With Inno it not only boosts my Byregot's, but also gives an extra step at the end to bait for a Good or Excellent proc, and saves 14 CP. Master meld 2 when you are down to 15 durability left (or 20 if your waste not is coming after the master meld). In general when it comes to stuff that can’t be 100% HQ’d I just try to think more about the progress. The other thing you can do is save your ING 2 for the end and switch your CS2 to a SS. These books are a pain to do. With the new gear and tools I'm looking for a better way to chance HQ at the master book II's. My best advice is to stop following rotations you find on forums and start theorycrafting yourself. If you know you can hit 10/11 IQ stacks by using "100%" touches at the end without going below 113 CP, replace HTs with Basics. That’s a given. Always know how much CP you'll be using, especially on the finisher. A lot of rotations look similar, but without a deep understanding of why rotations work or don't work, how will you discern a good one from a bad one? I use a rotation that requires 6 progress steps to finish so it's pretty unconventional but it's what's worked for me. If you are under Waste Not and Steady Hand II (ignore any proc if not under Steady Hand II, unless it's an Excellent and you are really really ballsy) and you get a good, you may sub in a Hasty Touch to take advantage. Waste Not is there to give you 2 more steps of durability (putting you on X5 durability) as well as give you a "CP deficit" so you can take advantage of more ToT procs. I used the approach of rapid synthesis at start till one progess move left. If you are thinking of using reclaim on a poor RNG synth, you are already assuming a 10% fail rate on the reclaim. Craftsmanship - 484 Control - 427 CP - 395 with HQ food. Work in a "Waste not I" and make sure it ends on a 5 (ie only one good converted to cp). 50-85% should be your target for these, and is pretty trivial to do barring horrible RNG luck (that's why we have reclaim!). Still, aside from that, you should work on keeping Steady Hand II up and getting three Rapid Synthesis in before working on Hasty Touch. The downside being that it obviously costs you one step to build quality. Yes it's one point of durability more BUT allows you to safely bait for a Good / Excellent. A community for fans of Square Enix's popular MMORPG "Final Fantasy XIV Online", also known as FFXIV or FF14. Agreed. It's a good "starting" guideline, at least for me. Good luck on getting your book! Your goal is to get 10+ stacks of Inner Quiet and land the Byregot's Blessing on a good/excellent, or 9+ stacks of Inner Quiet on an excellent. Regardless of what you did, you should be at either 25, or 30 durability left depending on if you took a ToT during WN II or not. If you're at less than 10 stacks at this point, Reclaim. Even better if you had a lot of ToT procs and were able to get in two MMII's; this will allow you to possibly get in a few hasty touches of 11 IQ stacks before you get to 15 durability. 2 MM2? There is no point gambling on a low HQ chance when you can just get your mats back at a 90% rate. A community for fans of Square Enix's popular MMORPG "Final Fantasy XIV Online", also known as FFXIV or FF14. this is one way, also seeing that you ended with 161/395 CP you can swap some of the hastys with Basic touch, He doesn't have any leftover CP because he neglected to use any mends in his rotation. One that thing helped me was working in Rumination in tandem with Reclaim in place of Innovation or Manipulation. IG2 makes that very difficult. Ideally you don't want to take any ToT while WN II is up. Ing II should not be needed. Same with 35/40, means 35 or 40 not 35 out of 40. Just some things to think about. Some books are focused on a certain group of recipes (i.e. If you're going to be using a HT during this part then ideally you'd like to have SH II up instead of SH but this will be dependent on your CP. Do you have a surplus of CP so you can replace a HT with a BT? The most you will ever get is between 50-85% unless you have 11 stacks and hit an excellent on byregot's blessing. Excellent > Great Strides + good, and while it may not bring you to 100% like a GS Excellent would, it's good enough that you should jump for it. For that you want to save 128 CP for the finish. If you were really bad off on ToT procs druing your opening, then you'll reactivate CZ after MM II with 1 ToT, or if you had no ToT during the opening then do it after SH II. Reclaim will be your friend for these provided it doesn't fail. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The only one that gave me an issue was goldsmith. Will edit once I am logged in and can tell you what's in the book. Use this as a foundation and then tweak it as you get better it's pretty much what you need. So long as you have enough left for Great Strides and the Byregot's it's worth trying. ): This opener puts you at 1 Careful Synthesis II away from finishing the craft. Having the ING2 up while you use BB would also boost you up to 85% (although that number is kind of meaningless as you don’t have enough CP without more ToT and you’re assuming all the Hasty Touches land). Do you take a ToT for that little extra CP because you're running low? This is what I used and was able to get all my master books and 8/8 crafter supras. Patience is the key and keep hitting reclaim if the craft just isn't going optimally. You have to get really lucky with your timing of Good procs to not interfere with your SH2 charges. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.