Try my favorite keto chocolate bars, bone broth and protein powders here.Use code ONANDOFFKETO for 10% off your order! When you start a ketogenic diet, it changes the way your body handles electrolytes and water. This is the best low-carb keto-friendly alternative to Gatorade, but we still prefer the other brands if your purpose is only to replenish your electrolytes for keto. When … For instance, you can drink this during a sports activity to quench your thirst and replenish the electrolytes you lost while sweating. How often should you drink electrolytes? Beat keto-flu with this sugar-free electrolyte drink! Keto lemonade. When you're following a ketogenic diet, your body loses minerals, which are called electrolytes, faster than other people. Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Replacement Drink Mixes – Sugar-Free, Keto, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Non-GMO Clean hydration, done right and sweetened naturally with organic stevia leaf extract Great for rehydrating and replacing electrolytes lost during activity and preventing muscle cramps and headaches from travel and electrolyte imbalance This happens because the keto diet is a low-carb So you’ll feel fighting-fit and ready to roll on every single day of Speed Keto. While the keto diet is a safe and healthy lifestyle with minimal side effects, there are bodily changes you should be aware of, including imbalances with keto electrolytes. I drink this often and it really helps a lot during the beginning stages of keto/low carb and just as an all around electrolyte replacer and is absorbed very well. It's high in magnesium, potassium and sodium to help you replenish electrolytes. Besides being a sugar free lemonade it adds beneficial electrolytes to your keto diet. I love having keto snacks at the ready. At the start of The recipe is for 1 … Potassium’s primary function is in the transfer of electric signals. Potassium. How to Get Electrolytes on a Ketogenic Diet. With just one power-packed drink each day (two if you feel the need) Completely Keto Electrolytes will power your body to stay strong and healthy on Keto. Your way to enjoy a classic drink and stay in ketosis.