I’m so glad to provide some new info here and there. Then I put my chicken eggs in the empty cups. I have a light on in the coop and the ducks are in with the chickens, so they are tricked into thinking it’s spring So we have lots of eggs right now. What fun to have those special memories with your daughters! We have been wondering the difference, our local farmer changed to duck eggs and the kids were a little worried. Some differences will depend on the breed of duck that laid the egg. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. I read that they need a higher humidity level than the chick eggs…are you keeping the humidity higher for the duck eggs? All 3 hatched and were 3 different varieties. Many thanks. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. That next day, when the girls went to the barn to look for eggs, they found another duck egg by the wood pile.. and we had a mixed egg scrambled omelet again. And for gluten-free baking, duck eggs are excellent. We also took deviled duck eggs to a family event – the best part was the kids who swore they wouldn’t try one ever ever ever not realizing what they were eating until afterwards. Thanks so much for sharing a link! First up is sweet-potato pecan pie, and probably some cheesecakes (a local dairy makes their own cream cheese from organic RAW Jersey milk). They do have 1/2 doz cartons for goose eggs. We had bought the incubator from the same woman 15 months ago, and when we got it, she threw in 3 duck eggs. amzn_assoc_region = "US";
One day one of my Daughters came into the house with a Large egg, one of the ducks had laid out back by the wood pile. That might be interesting, though! When we had ample duck eggs, a neighbor took a few of the eggs home with her and I made home made noodles with Duck eggs. I really get a kick out of watching the ducks take a dip in their water. Along with some silkie and mottled cochin eggs. You all may want to try selling your duck eggs if you have a plethora. That would be good for storing eggs in your own refrigerator. In general, duck eggs contain more protein, calories, fat, dietary cholesterol, vitamins and minerals than chicken eggs. Duck eggs take 28 days to hatch, compared to chicken eggs which take 21 days. I keep ducks & chickens too. But that many is different. You may notice that using the same number of large duck eggs in place of large chicken eggs will give you a very moist, and possibly heavy, finished product. Good question, Cathy. The following morning I took three sizes of eggs and made a scrambled omelet with sausage crumbles, veggies and cheese. They want to roll out. They certainly are thick! If not, you need to do one or the other to provide them enough calcium to make a complete shell. Alexa in Sydney Australia After setting and hatching a few ducklings a couple of months ago they have not laid any since. I haven’t eaten eggs from the store in several years…I can’t imagine going back to buying those pale yolked eggs again. Alexa in Sydney Australia blogging at https://www.Alexa-asimplelife.com. She has quite a variety of ducks, but most of the eggs were supposed to be Khaki Campbells. Thank so much for stopping by and sharing that info! . If so, does it change the composition of the egg, when you bake with them or use them in custards? That’s wonderful that you can have chickens and ducks in the city and it isn’t such a big deal to have no rooster. You can’t get better layers than Khaki Campbells. Thanks for the suggestion John. Hi Amy, Malty Chocolate Cake Tin and Thyme. You can freeze raw eggs: crack the eggs into a bowl and beat. I enjoyed this post and learned something too. You might be able to barter for a half dozen of those yummy duck eggs, so you can try them. Thanks for the info and tip about whipping duck eggs…I’ll have to try that! I bought the fertile eggs from a nearby farm. I had a fried duck egg the other day because I wanted to try them again and I think I liked it better than the ones I’ve had before. You can put a light on a timer in their coop to come on for about 15 hours a day…this might stimulate them to start laying again.