What do … Doubts 8. So you find yourself standing alone in a corner and see various co-workers staring in your direction with a slight grimace. An example would be the occasion that you were at your employer's Christmas party alone because you and your spouse just had the argument of the year. For example, the phrases the content of the text and the context of the text can be bewildering for many English learners. However, the story is only one level of the conversation. In the case of a child who lives in a high crime, gang infested neighborhood with nightly drive by shootings, you may see them pull off the blindfold and dive to the floor looking for cover. Contact Susan today for more information on: HOME - ABOUT - SPEECH TOPICS - BLOG - CONTACT. Please don't get bogged down by my faith or aesthetics. If I heard jesus words today, it would sound a lot like yours. Think about this!! Oftentimes defending and reliving the details of a situation is the common direction an argument will take and each party only becomes more and more frustrated. Some children will simply flinch if they live in an industrial town. How often have you been drawn into an argument with someone and become marooned in the detail of explaining the who, what, where, when, how and why? Thoughts 4. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Don't just own your worth, own your significance. Sharing the who, what, where, when, how and why of a story or a situation is a very common means of expression. Now lets have you walk away from this room and down a hallway to the restroom, on the way there you pass your assistant whom you barely recognize because you are consumed in your self projected melodrama. The context is your intention. Beliefs 3. She is the creator of The Confident Woman Program, Robert's Rules Made Simple and is the co-founder of Group To TEAM Leadership Solutions a global coaching and consulting organization that provides leadership and TEAM building training that builds a culture of TEAM by empowering the individual to choose TEAM. When He spoke to Nicodemus, the scholar in (John 3:1-21) the content was figurative but the context was literal. For example, when attempting to understand behavior, it is important to look at the situation or circumstances present at the time of the behavior. For those who live in a bustling urban setting, you may see a flinch and a turn in the direction of the sound. Contexts can be visible, invisible, human, or non-human. I hope you will give truth another chance when it appears disguised once again. It's sad, because I think you have some valuable lessons to teach. When faced with the ominous battle of Context vs. Do you see how three people can process the same content from a completely different context? You might have heard it said many times that content is king. Jesus used poetic a form of storytelling called parables when explaining a story because He wanted people to slowly understand the figurative expression of a definition. Context is rich in meaning for people. Content depends on context to give it life. The dirt on your hands is temporal but the wisdom gleaned is eternal. Context holds the content. Context. Psychologists say that we tend to project or filter experiences based on our past fears, hurts or insecurities. They now in turn choose to pay you extra kind attention instead of demonizing you and continuing the chaos. Your body is important. This just keeps you stuck in an emotional tug-of-war, trying to prove who is right and who is wrong. When we get stuck in our perception or we get stuck telling a story, we are taking the path of communicating about CONTENT. The fact that your grimace and cold response greeted them instead of a smile could very easily set them off as well; except your assistant is aware of your marital woes and understands the context of your coldness toward them. My sister Beverley and I shared a conversation about an incident with her three-year old son last week. Content is the concrete description before interpretation turns it into, meanings, desires, intents and judgements. Values 6. When we clarify our CONTEXT first and use our CONTEXT as our starting block we can shift the direction of any conversation.