The city of Columbia was founded by self-proclaimed prophet Zachary Hale Comstock, who used his connections in Congress to have the American governmentbuild the floating city. Showing all 3 items Jump to: Summaries (2) Synopsis (1) Summaries. BioShock Infinite is one of the finest first-person shooter games developed by Irrational Games and published by 2K Games. A man is sent to the flying city of Columbia to find a missing girl. He soon walks through a door and gets his first look at Columbia proper. Booker's first objective is to make his way to Monument Island, where he finally meets Elizabeth face-to-face. The game offers an interesting plot and features plenty of intriguing characters. BioShock Infinite (2013 Video Game) Plot. | Booker quickly acquires Vigors and Weapons to arm himself, then begins his journey. BioShock Infinite is set in 1912 and takes place in a fictional steampunk city-state called "Columbia"—named in homage to the female personification of the United States —which is suspended in the air through a combination of giant blimps, balloons, reactors, propellers, and "quantum levitation". Mild Sexual Themes, Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, Language, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Black Friday Video Game Deals Are Live Now, Breaking the Bank: Efficient Silver Eagle Farming, BANK of the Prophet - EASY WAY TO DEAL WITH CROW, Welcome Center / Raffle Square Voxophones, Finkton Proper / Good Time Club Voxophones, Shanty Town / Bull House Impound Voxophones, Burial at Sea - Episode 1 - Audio Diaries, Burial at Sea - Episode 2 - Audio Diaries & Voxophones, Battleship Bay / Soldier's Field Sightseer, Comstock House / Hand of the Prophet Sightseer, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. One in which DeWitt accepts his baptism and eventually becomes Comstock, thus leading to the creation of Columbia. | BioShock Infinite involves a twisted plot which can be quite difficult to understand if you make it to the end. The tower is nearly destroyed, but Booker and Elizabeth narrowly escape by jumping into the water below, soon washing up on Battleship Bay. He passes out during the trip, awakening in a church-like area. However, upon arrival he discovers that the city, its people, and his objective are all not what they seem. Written By. The government intended Columbia t… A man is sent to the flying city of Columbia to find a missing girl. However, almost as soon as Booker arrives, he finds that Columbia and its people are not quite what they seem, and all too soon science, religion, morality, family and life … Columbia reveres its Prophet, Father Comstock, who the city looks up to as though he's a God. Booker has been given the job of finding a woman named Elizabeth, who has been confined by a flying beast called Songbird and the city's \"Founder\" leader Zachary Hale Comstock.Following in the footsteps of previous BioShock games, the world of Infinite explores the chaos that resu… The game takes place in the airborne city of Columbia, in 1912, where the player assumes the role of Booker DeWitt, a disgraced Pinkerton agent. The third game in the popular Bioshock series, BioShock: Infinite breaks away from the underwater setting of the first two games to take players into the floating city of Columbia. BioShock Infinite puts players in the role of ex-Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt, who is sent to Columbia to recover a young woman named Elizabeth. Synopsis In BioShock Infinite, we're given two main universes. ***** BioShock Infinite Plot Summary A Complete History of Columbia Version: 1.01 (04/10/13) Author: XG3 Contact: [email protected] Spoiler Alert IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED BIOSHOCK INFINITE, CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Booker obliges and is nearly drowned, but soon awakes outside in front of three statues of America's Founding Fathers (the first of Infinite's many Historical references). Comstock is the ruler of the city, though he faces some opposition from the Vox Populi and its leader Daisy Fitzroy, who allegedly murdered Lady Comstock prior to the beginning of the game.