Hop on over for the "how to" tutorial at http://www.thehandmadehome.net/2012/06/a-handmade-hideaway/, This may be one of my favorite pictures ever :) Lately we have been spending a lot of time outdoors making our backyard an extension of our indoor living space. I love architecture and interior design. Here are some simple items that can make your treehouse feel like home: This next section includes a step by step guide and video example of how to build a simple backyard treehouse without tree support. But we wanted a tree house or fort of some kind, so this is what I came up with. First, the treehouse floor gets constructed by laying plywood sheets ($25 to $40 per sheet) over the frame. You should not opt for them unless you have the cutting, welding and fabrication skills needed to handle the material properly. The warm weather is (finally) here to stay – to help celebrate outdoor spaces, I wanted to give a nod to the place where our love for outdoor living originated — the treehouse!For me, the most inspiring treehouses are those of timeless composition and handcrafted character. Constructing a treehouse up in an actual tree involves a lot of careful weight assessments. If your children are small, it’s a good idea to have a treehouse they can grow into rather than growing out of fast. Plan and design your ideal treehouse. Alternatively, you always hire a professional contractor. It depends on a host of factors such as the size of the treehouse, type of wood used and whether the interior is fully or partially finished. Building a backyard treehouse without tree support requires high quality materials. They need to be completely level before attaching a base platform. They’re cheap, widely available and used for constructing various types of outdoor structure such as decks, balconies and verandahs. Best Tree Options for a New Treehouse ... making it possible to build on a single tree in a backyard without much difficulty. Or a custom slide instead of a ladder? Once you have a safely raised platform, the possibilities are endless. Then, once it’s sturdy and safe, you can use the treehouse kit to build your structure right on top. (1) Sink four sturdy posts deep into the ground where your treehouse will sit, (2) secure them with concrete, (3) attach a wooden base or platform to the posts, (4) build your treehouse on top of the platform and, finally, (5) add any accessories such as stairs or fencing. More information Free A-Frame Treehouse Plans - Build yours with or without a tree with the help of this guide by David and Jeanie Stiles at OutdoorLife.com You can add things like paint and extra wood for railings and stairs. We’ll explore basic treehouse construction in more depth later (that’s the easy part). The average rate for professional labor can be anywhere between $70 and $150 per hour. Here are some more benefits of using prefabricated treehouse kits: There’s more construction work required to build a backyard treehouse without tree support. Adjust the 2-by-4 until the post is perfectly level and straight. Whether you do everything from scratch without any professional help, call in a day laborer or use a prefabricated treehouse kit, it’s meant to be a rewarding process. Its easy to do that living in California (although the rains of late have dampened our plans a bit). Is there a difference? She offers both pre designed wooden play houses and 2-story play sets, as well as an extensive line of unique, site-specific, redwood play structures, luxury playhouses and children's…. If you’ve built an outdoor structure with a timber frame before, you may already be familiar with them. This leaves a treetop playhouse that’s structurally sound but progressively less ‘wild’ and authentic as the years pass and the tree deteriorates. Typically, poles or trees left in the round shape are stronger than a corresponding milled (rectan… As you can see, there’s a lot of wiggle room. While searching for inspiration, I came upon THE coolest treehouse ever.Laurel’s husband built this incredible two-story treehouse for their kids in their backyard. Salvaged materials are, again, really great for this. Some provide just the smaller pieces of hardware such as lag bolts, carriage bolts, RSS screws, pipe brackets, T-40 bits, T-30 bits and other items. I have a very small yard with no trees whatsoever. If you need ideas on how you want your treehouse to look, as well as building techniques, check out a really good book on Amazon called Black & Decker – The Complete Guide to Treehouses: Design & Build Your Kids a Treehouse. One of the biggest expenses is the cost of lumbar. It’s just a standard playhouse. But what if you get pork loin back ribs instead? It takes a lot of hard work, careful planning and plenty of nails, but it’s possible. Picture a traditional backyard treehouse. How to Build a Treeless Tree House: This is a relatively simple, elevated backyard fort I built for my kids. Constructing the platform is a job that can be done alone, but it’s much easier if you recruit eager friends and family members to help. Metal posts are also the priciest support option available. The average cost of a ten-foot treehouse with complete walls, a roof, a deck and a finished interior is around $15,000. Without a steady platform, you don’t have a treehouse. Use your imagination. Let’s take a closer look at different types of support and discuss which is best for your treehouse. It’s a common problem, so don’t panic if it happens to your appliance. As the structure will be raised off the ground and supported by four poles, the wood needs to be structurally sound and rot free. Weight distribution isn’t an issue in the same way it is when trying to find anchor points on a tree. Once the treehouse’s platform and outer frame are constructed, you can start to get creative. Are these strong enough for an “average” tree house? You can tar the underground portion to make them last longer, and apply a water sealer to the above ground portion. Treehouse #B13 - Tree Platform with Swings & Slide This treehouse project is a simple place to spend some adventurous time outside in the backyard. Building a backyard treehouse without tree support requires high quality materials. This is a collection of when those two things meet, and create a cozy nook. The platform covered with a metal roof is enough space to escape the rain and stay outside, but some rain and snow will drift in when it is windy. Yes, and it’s probably easier than putting one up in a tree because you’re building on stable ground as opposed to narrow, flexing branches. This is only an issue if you’re building a freestanding structure that’s nestled against trees. They are only really necessary for very large, very heavy structures. If your supporting poles are positioned and secured correctly, they should be capable of holding a much heavier build than you’re ever likely to need. Barbara Butler has been designing and building kids treehouses, playhouses, play forts and custom play structures for over 20 years. If you’re using salvaged wood, check it very carefully for structural weaknesses. It’s difficult to come up with a cost estimate because there are so many variations among treehouse designs. Round poles are significantly stronger than square posts but they’re not as widely available as pressure treated posts.